White Sox: Watch Jose Abreu’s Dramatic Walk-Off Grand Slam

On a night where the Bulls whistled past the playoff grave and the Blackhawks officially snatched back control of its series in yet another heart-stopping overtime, it took that earliest established pro sports thrill — the game-winning home run — to close out an amazing few hours and put us all in touch with a truly unexpected competitive moment.

The White Sox were down 6-4 entering the bottom of the ninth and hadn’t led since scoring one run in the first inning when Chicago’s newest star stepped up and unloaded his league lead-tying home run, also a record for rookies in April and the third walk-off grand slam of this eventful first month of the 2014 season.

But back to Abreu, the so-called “rookie” — he of the richest free agent contract ever given to an international acquisition. Back in the fall, when he was first introduced to the city he was just numbers, that contract, his record slugging marks in Cuba, the intimidating glimpses of him in the World Baseball Classic.

Now Abreu is much more tangible, he’s shown himself capable of materializing a win out of nothing. More will come. One month into his quest to dominate Major League pitching and he looks like he’s on his way. We can only hope Hawk Harrelson has enough heart medicine to survive all the clutch moments to come.

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