Reminder: Listen to the Latest Jocks, Geeks and Gamers NOW

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Jocks, Geeks and Gamers is back with Episode 5 on the Regal Radio page on BlogTalkRadio, listen to it now and help spread the movement.

This week, the fellas talk with J. Anderson of Pro Football Central Radio Network and wrestling expert Donald Wood of Bleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio.

Also, the guys expand the talk with takes on under-appreciated singers/artists, a breakdown on if Phil Jackson can save the Knicks and a preview look of the big new X-Box One game Titanfall.

Hosted by writers Brian Mazique of Bleacher Report, Brandon Robinson of The Source and Randy Bishop, Jocks, Geeks and Gamers will tackle the latest in sports news and sports video games with a little bit of pop culture in between. Make sure to follow the guys on social media for the latest on the show and communicate with the hashtag #jocksgeeksgamers.

Jocks, Geeks and Gamers is available at 6 pm central time every Tuesday on Regal Radio’s page at and on demand throughout the week there as well. Keep up with the show and all other Regal programming on Twitter and subscribe to Regal Radio on Blog Talk Radio on iTunes for all Regal programs on demand.

Follow Regal Radio on Twitter @regalradio1 and on Facebook under Regal Radio; follow Brian on Twitter @BMaziqueFPBR and Brandon on Twitter @ScoopB

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