Preview: The Varsity Show on Recruiting, Re-signing and Resuming March Madness

Listen to The Varsity Show tonight on with hosts Sean “Pharoah” Terry and sitting in for Joe “Champ” Tanksley will be editor Kyle Means.

Expect a lot of pro and college basketball talk as well as the latest on the Chicago Bears as the off-season begins to get interesting: the Bulls continue to impress with their fight for a quality playoff spot, but the Carmelo Anthony watch still has fans looking ahead (and possibly Joakim Noah on the recruiting trail); also a reason to look ahead (for less enthusiastic reasons ) would be the Bulls’ upcoming tough schedule.

On the college level, March Madness is beginning to grip us all, hear what the fellas think about the Final Four contenders around the nation and also get their takes on Chicago’s universities as they try to extend their seasons just a little bit more.

As for the Bears, fans of Devin Hester are still reeling from the news that he officially won’t return to Soldier Field as a home player. As more moves appear on the horizon, hear Sean and Kyle offer what they believe the Bears should focus on in free agency.

Remember: The Varsity Show, live at 9pm central tonight on Regal Radio’s page at and available throughout the week there as well. Feel free to call in and hit the guys up, keep up with the show @varsityshow1 on Twitter and subscribe to the show on iTunes for all Regal programs on demand.

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