Chicago White Sox’s Adam Dunn confident for Oscars celebration – ESPN Chicago

Chicago White Sox’s Adam Dunn confident for Oscars celebration

In one of the more interesting stories of both the Oscar season and spring training, Sox slugger and swinger-and-misser Adam Dunn is taking the day off from sunny Arizona and team camp to possibly get rained on in a rented tux in L.A.

But of course he’s not there because he’s jonsing for In-and-Out or to take a picture that makes it look like he’s holding up the Hollywood sign — the meat of this story is that Dunn is wrapping up his first journey as an independent film producer, he helped finance the Oscar-nominated Dallas Buyers Club, which is a major contender for several awards tonight.

According to Dunn in this story from ESPN Chicago’s Doug Padilla, both lead actor nominee Matthew McConaughey and supporting actor nominee Jared Leto are “locks” and many observers of the Oscar race agree with him. Both McConaughey and Leto have collected honors in their respective categories in the two major precursors to the Academy Awards — the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes.

Regal Radio film writer David Evans also picks both McConaughey and Leto to take home awards tonight. Check out all his Oscar picks here.

If there were any awards for best bit part as a bartender Dunn might have even got a nod, he was able to secure the cameo in part because he looks like he could tend a Texas bar and because of Dunn’s involvement in the Texas-based Truth Entertainment production company.

Real fun to see a direct Chicago sports connection to this year’s Awards. See, its not just the Super Bowl for the ladies anymore.

Oscar odds – Las Vegas bookmaker updates his board – Linemakers – Sporting News

Another connection the Oscars can flaunt with the Super Bowl is the massive amount of betting around both events. Here, the Sporting News lays out all the odds for the major awards — McConaughy and Leto are clear favorites on the book, edging out Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender of 12 Years a Slave.

For best picture, 12 Years, which has taken the recent best film categories as of late, is faved with 2-5 odds, ahead of American Hustle at 4-1 and Gravity at 5-1 (down from 10-1 at the announcement of nominations) and Buyers Club at 15-1.

If 12 Years wins it would be the first time a film directed and starring performers of African decent wins best picture at the Academy Awards.

Prop bets would seem to be popular too, like at the Super Bowl. I’m willing to put an over/under line down of three hours, 15 minutes for show length, an over-under of 4.5 minutes for total time that host Ellen DeGeneres dances off-rhythm and 12 references on Twitter to Public Enemy’s “Burn, Hollywood, Burn” as people get pissed off when the film loses on individual awards before winning best picture.

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