Movies: Watch Regal Radio’s Academy Awards Preview

Regal Radio proudly presents our first exclusive online video for, a series we’ll call our “Newsroom,” where our talent from here and our various broadcasts break down notable and newsworthy issues from all angles.

We start with a preview of this weekend’s Academy Awards, which will cap off one of the most interesting award seasons and movie years in recent memory — 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, Gravity and The Wolf of Wall Street are among the most hyped films entering the ceremony, but there are plenty of dark horses and potential breakouts that can make the night memorable. lead editor Kyle Means and culture writer David Evans provide the breakdown.

Along with this video, feel free to take a look at more of David’s film writing from 2013 that we’ve published here on WARR:

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A Band Called Death: The World’s Greatest Punk Band No One Knew About 

Oscar Grant Story Details Life or Death at Fruitvale Station

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