The Great Debate — D and Davis Super Bowl Edition


The hosts of Regal Radio’s “D and Davis Show” offer their breakdowns and picks of today’s big game:

D is the 13th Man

As most of you who listen to us know, I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan. My love for “The Sheriff” goes so deep, I wasn’t that mad when the Indianapolis Colts beat my beloved Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI.

This time in Super Bowl XLVIII the ol’ gunslinger, Sheriff Manning, is leading the Denver Broncos into MetLife Stadium against one of the best defenses of the past ten years of professional football, the Seattle Seahawks. I know everyone thinks Manning will “Omaha” his way down the field against Richard Sherman and company, but think again. The Seahawks’ D only gave up an average of 172 passing yards per game this season and 107 rushing yards per game. Meanwhile, on offense, Seattle was great at controlling possession and wearing down opposing defenses, to the tune of 137  yards per game, good for 4th in the League.

So they shut down your O and run the ball down your throat. If that ain’t old school football, I don’t know what is. Its safe to say that the 2013-14 Denver Broncos offense is legendary, damn hear No. 1 in all scoring categories and led by 55 touchdowns from Peyton. Denver’s attack should strike fear in any defense’s heart, but need I remind you of the State Of Sherman and his vow to shut up all nay-sayers.

I will say it for the billionth time, defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS! In the previous four Super Bowls where the top overall defense met the top overall offense, the defense has won three times. With that said, I’m picking the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Denver Broncos, 27-24.

Davis is Mile High on Denver

The Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks — the number one offense in the NFL versus the number one defense in the biggest game of them all. Both teams have pretty much wire to wire been the best in their respective conferences this season, making for the second time in 20 odd years the highest ranked teams in each conference meet up in America’s unofficial sports holiday. Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman versus Archie’s best son. Go Time!

If I have talked to 50 people about their prediction for today, I’d say 47 of 50 have chosen the Broncos, kind of makes me want to lean toward Seattle. One thing I’ve noticed during these playoffs is when I get an overwhelming majority, go oppo. Everyone I know took the Niners over the Seahawks in the NFL championship game so I took the Niners too, and guess what, I was wrong!

Seattle’s D is a beast, I’m not sure if they’re in the top three all-time if they win, but they’re definitely a great defense nonetheless. The Seahawks’ defensive backfield alone has become the prototype for building such a unit in this new two-hand touch (please don’t tackle em’ too hard) NFL. Peyton has the best receiving core of his career, his overall talent on that side of the ball is ridiculous, very good outside receivers and the best slot guy of his generation in Wes Welker. The only position that is less talented then Peyton’s best Indy days would be the running back position (The Edge was the man when healthy).

Weather shouldn’t be an issue, today is shaping up to be a fairly pleasant winter day in New York/New Jersey. Worries about Peyton’s flipper balls in the outdoor setting doesn’t bother me since Russell Wilson will have to deal with the same conditions. Full disclosure: I’m a Peyton guy, even if I begrudgingly admit Brady’s maybe better (though, not after today bitches!) so why keep playing with you guys, unless you’re slow you should notice by now my prediction.

Its Denver over Seattle today. Peyton throws a pick, maybe two, but one will be a receiver’s fault and not Peyton’s. Seattle turns into a passing team to try to keep up, leaving Beast Mode out of the fray in the second half. I expect a two TD lead at some point for Denver, thus leaving Seattle in a vulnerable position since the Broncos’ defenders can just pin their ears back and rush the passer freely. Denver 34, Seattle 21.

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