Preview: The WARR Q&A Returns…

Back and fresh for the ’14, the WARR Q&A returns tomorrow for what we hope to be a defining monthly feature on this website.

Feel free to check out our first Q&A from last fall with rapper Naledge conducted by our man David Evans. This time around WARR lead editor Kyle Means and Demonze Spruiel of the “D and Davis Show” sat down with an enduring sports radio figure in Chicago. Below is a taste of the interview, with our subject speaking on early misadventures working for one of Chicago’s top sports radio stations.

Check out the site tomorrow for the reveal and more on this person’s life and career navigating the ever-competitive Chicago media landscape.

Q: Talk about your first time interning at (670 AM) The Score?

A: I had two internships at the same time. Along with working at (W)KKC, I was an intern at WVON also for Ty Wansley‘s show. At the time Ty had his own talk show, so I was interned for his show and shortly afterwards they kind of overlapped. I worked at The Score also.

That story is very unique too. I was reading Robert Feder’s column in the Sun-Times in the fall of ’91. Feder’s column, even today, is hot. If you want to know what is going on, you go to him. If you ever get fired, you will find out from him first, you won’t find out internally. That’s the way the business is [laughter]. I would just read his column and I saw in the Sun-Times it was going to be a new all-sports station coming. I was sitting on 91st and South Chicago at the Osco parking lot and I’m sitting there reading a paper and I saw that and was like “man, I have to be part of that. An all sports station?!” I said somehow someway I have to be a part of that… the other thing is, it’s funny for the first time I spent a lot of time on the North Side. Being a South Side guy, I don’t even know where Belmont is. Like, where is Mozart?

One of the funniest stories I always tell is about Mike Greenberg, of “Mike and Mike in the Morning” now. He and I were on the same level, we were producing together at times. Greenberg told me once, he said, he had little more expression than I did, he said, “(Hey), this is what I need you to do. I need you to go get me a beef sandwich, make sure it is sweet. It’s at Six Corners“… he’s moving his hands around, moving his head around… “make sure you get me a beef, make sure it’s good.” And I’m like “at Six Corners?” “Yea, you know where that is at.” And I’m like, “oh yea!” I’m, like, lost in my ‘84 white Chevette and people know when I was coming because you can see the smoke belching out the back. You always knew when (I) was in the neighborhood.

It was an hour and a half later. I had no idea where that thing was, Six Corners, Sammies beef or whatever the hell it was called at the time. I came back and the thing’s cold. Greenberg asked “what happened?” I was like, “you’d never believe it man. You would never believe what happened. This is amazing…the car wreck that took place on Six Corners. The traffic couldn’t move…” And this was like pre-microwave too. So it was definitely a shock to me to realize it was another part of the city after being South and Southeast and West for the majority my life.

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