Champ Forever: Happy Birthday, Ali

Credit: John H. White

Credit: John H. White

Today is the 72nd birthday of the most important athlete of the latter half of the 20th Century, still today one of the most beloved men on Earth.

Ali earned his place in our collective imagination through great work and risk in the ring and out. I don’t have to go over a bunch of biography points, you should know who this man is, if you don’t know then get from around me and look him up.

This post is just an excuse to wish Ali a happy happy and to publish this picture, which was taken by Pulitzer Prize-winning former Chicago Sun-Times photographer John H. White (check more of his work, including other Ali photos here).

Ali is no longer the fierce competitor and showman that he was in this picture but he is still a well of inspiration spiritually for many, including this writer and this site, check our “Mission Statement” page for a touch of the Champ’s wisdom.

As you can see there, Ali put together the world’s shortest poem — “Me, We,” for other instances of his enduring genius check out this Brainy Quotes page laying out some of his best truisms.

And for a reminder of just how bad the man was, you can catch a collection of his best in-ring highlights below set to Jimi Hendrix. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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