Aaron Rodgers cleared to play vs. Bears Sunday – JSOnline

Aaron Rodgers cleared to play vs. Bears Sunday

Broken within the hour by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the most unwelcome news of the week for the Chicago Bears has been confirmed as they prepare to play the Green Bay Packers Sunday with the NFC North and a playoff bid on the line.

Rodgers comes up big against the Bears in big games, be it the 2011 NFC Championship Game or a comparable situation which occurred in Week 17 of that season, when the Bears had a chance to eliminate the Pack from the playoff race — instead Green Bay won and went on to win the Super Bowl.

Even though Green Bay is beat up and without their defensive leader, they have to feel at this point that they have what they need to be successful this week and maybe for the next month if they can last that long.

As far as the Bears go, you know that they weren’t sleeping on the opponent this week — they never sleep on the Packers — but more than ever all hands have to be on deck. The Eagles showed what a offense on its game can do to the Bears’ defense, Rodgers isn’t necessarily on his game after eight weeks off but like his coach said today, “he’s been getting ready for this moment, and the moment’s here.”

For the Bears, the moment’s here too and that means they’re going to have to show some things they haven’t shown us all season, a competent defense is at the top of the list.

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