Instant Reaction: Dominating for Da Coach

Courtesy: Da Coach back when he was Da Best Tight End in the NFL.

Da Coach back when he was Da Best Tight End in the NFL.

It’s still cold as hell in Chicago and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But if we learned anything tonight as a city, as Bears fans, is that Bears do not necessarily have to run and hide in their caves when it gets cold.

No, the 2013 Bears aren’t necessarily facing their hibernation time yet. With their 45-28 win last night, maybe the most impressive win of the season, the team for the first time in weeks lived up to their potential and their hopes for this season and more than that they lived up to the standard and expectations set forth every year by the man the team saluted last night — Mike Ditka.

The only man to win an NFL championship with the same team as a player and a coach, Ditka personifies Chicago football — George Halas invented it but it took this dude from western Pennsylvania to show us all what it means to truly love this franchise and live and die with it. Ditka has lived and died multiple times with the Bears, he’s been traded, fired and proven wrong on the ESPN expert pick line, but every time out when it comes down to the Bears versus anyone else you’ve known which direction he was going to go in.

That’s why the Bears had to win yesterday, though if they did lose it would have been the only appropriate climax to another promising season turned trash heap. As it stands now, we have a team with some gleam left in their eyes, some blood still running hot and pumping with regularity as they charge deeper into December and the further chills and challenges that await.

Here’s a look at last night’s game and festivities as told by some in Chicago and elsewhere on twitter.

Marshall was touted as the best blocking wide receiver in the NFL multiple times last night. Don’t know how you quantify such things, but no one is without filmed evidence of that argument now.


It’s come out this afternoon that Lee suffered no serious neck injury last night and is on track to play this weekend. Great to hear.

Even though it was easy to get a charge out of seeing the play, you could only hope while watching last night that no one would get hurt seriously in such conditions. I give both the Bears and Boys props for simply taking the hits they took in all that cold.

Twenty-seven unanswered points through the second and third quarters put the game squarely in the Bears’ hands.

Also out today, a revealing one-on-one with Ditka and Bears radio announcer Jeff Joniak on the Bears’ website.

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