Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls won’t rule out return for playoffs – ESPN Chicago

Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls won’t rule out return for playoffs

D-Rose has returned to the headlines for the first time since his (seemingly) season-ending injury two weeks ago, giving his team and everyone who bleeds red bait to not give up on the regular season.

Even if Rose was a scratch for the rest of the season it would be hard to see the Bulls try a full-on tank, in spite much advice to that end coming from the fan base. And if the Bulls did try riggin’ for Wiggins or hari-kari for Jabari (you come up with something better..) it would still be harder to fall out of the playoffs in the incredibility weak Eastern Conference this season than it would be to play into it.

Basically what we can get from Rose poking his head out is that this meniscus surgery went well and that there’s nothing to worry about in the planned recovery, as of yet.

We know from Rose’s previous recovery period, though, that this process and the information that leaks from it can take on weird lives of their own. Hopefully there won’t be a lot of anguish about whether or not Rose will play again before the 2014-15 season or whether he owes it to the team to do so. That’s one good thing about a Bulls team who’s trajectory wouldn’t include the playoffs — we’d be spared all that.

Compete Derrick Rose press conference (BullsTV)

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