A Good Day for RedZone: Looking at a Bear-less Sunday in the NFL Pt. 2

Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson breaks away from the Dallas Cowboys defense during his 329-yard receiving performance Sunday in a 31-30 win over the Boys.

Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press
Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson breaks away from the Dallas Cowboys defense during his 329-yard receiving performance Sunday in a 31-30 win over the Boys.

This past weekend, the Gridiron Gods blessed us Bears fans with another Sunday — the second in three weeks — in which our faltering team was not a factor because they were not in action. That feeling of ease extends through this coming Sunday as well, but it ends Monday night against the Green Bay Packers.

In that setting, with the Bears as ravaged by injury and inadequate play as they’ve been in the last few weeks and the Pack maybe coming off their most impressive win of the season Sunday night, one can’t help but be reminded of this past nightmare of a game.

That is to come, but in the wake of this Week 8 we’ve began to see some more separation between the haves and have-nots in the league. Some of the more deluded teams (Dallas, NY Jets) got crushed, a few losing teams got together and did nothing for nobody and Seattle ended the week with a performance that had to make the rest of the contenders in the NFC smile.

Here are quick hits from each of the Sunday games and Monday night’s game in Week 8:

San Francisco 42, Jacksonville 10

If a game between two incredibly mismatched teams happens in London, did it really happen? Not for me, it didn’t. I think this was the only game I saw no highlights from this week. Doesn’t matter in the least except for it showing that the Niners can deal with a BS scheduling quirk that kept them from traveling back to the bay for almost two weeks after playing last week in Nashville versus the Titans.

Kansas City 23, Cleveland 17

A tough loss for the Browns, who continued to play above their heads by challenging the last remaining undefeated. Jason Campbell put on a game (22-36, 293 yards, 2 TDs) that could make some Bears fans wish that he was still Cutler’s understudy.

New England 27, Miami 17

Tom Brady is someone else at this point. Maybe he got the old Monstar treatment from Space Jam, but aside from his thrilling game-winning touchdown  pass against New Orleans, Brady hasn’t looked like himself at all this season. But given Miami’s precipitous fall from a 3-0 start, the Pats are gonna walk to another AFC East title… and get blasted out the playoffs.

New Orleans Saints 35, Buffalo Bills 17

It would have been a shock if the Bills made this competitive in any way, but they didn’t embarrass themselves, at least. The Saints also look set up for a walk of a second half of the season due to the suckiness of their division. For NO, it looks like they’re all about fortifying their roster for the postseason and the emergence of Kenny Stills looks like good news. Hopefully Jimmy Graham doesn’t become too much of an issue.

Detroit 31, Dallas 30

An amazing game with an amazing finish fueled by an amazingly bad Dallas defense. We now now that Dez wasn’t snapping on his teammates on the sideline, but sort of with them — still doesn’t hide the fact that the Boys really shit the bed in this one and possibly sacrificed a decent second half and a decent playoff spot by losing this one. Forever dysfunctional — I don’t know how their fans do it at this point.

NY Giants 15, Philadelphia 7

Five field goals for the Giants, that’s it. And the Eagles let it happen. The NFC East: where football is played, kinda.

Oakland 21, Pittsburgh 18

I picked Oakland in this game on the D and Davis Show, my second guttiest pick after picking Dallas over Detroit. Just glad this came out right, though the Raiders did all they could to upend things by giving up 15 in the fourth quarter. Terrelle Pryor’s 93 yard run was the highlight of the week. I think Oakland should just give up on passing with him at least until this off-season when they can work with him at whatever pace needed — just read option ’em to death.

Cincinnati 49, NY Jets 9

The Bengals are looking more and more like the Super Bowl contenders some pegged them to be prior to this season. Week to week, Andy Dalton and the offense is looking harder and harder to contain, with new weapons (Marvin Jones) being developed and excelling. With an already-established play-making defense, expect to be impressed more by the future AFC North champs.

Arizona 27, Atlanta 13

Atlanta may be the only team besides the Bears who is in the universe of  “man, I feel bad for them.” Granted, if they were healthy and losing these games, I’d be laughing my ass off, but you have to feel that if Steven Jackson hadn’t missed the games he missed and if Julio Jones wasn’t gone for the season then they’d have flew past the Cardinals.

Denver 45, Washington 21

Washington held what may go down as the most inconsequential two touchdown lead of the season when they were up 21-7 in the third quarter. At one point the Skins may have felt like they were getting the hang of this winning thing again. Denver seems to be hitting a mid-season lull, especially when it concerns turning over the ball, which they did four times Sunday after a three-turnover performance in the loss to the Colts.

Green Bay 44, Minnesota 31

Definitely a closer final than the game deserved. The Packers are starting to round out their game in this middle section of the season, finally looking like the team they’ll need to be to fend off the Bears and Lions and make an impact in January.

Jordy Nelson can be the only established threat in the receiver corps when you have an emerging run duo such as Eddie Lacy and James Starks — those two will run Green Bay to its next NFC North title while Aaron Rodgers dinks and dunks opponents to death. Its looking like a long night to come next Monday.

Seattle 14, St. Louis 9

The Cardinals probably would have done a better job scoring on that last drive than the Rams did (unless Jon Lester stood in the way, maybe).

A year after being robbed against Green Bay on Monday, Seattle gets gifted by drawing a limp team from the Lou. Still, the lack of punch shown by the Seahawks is nothing nice, especially given that their three most likely opponents in a possible NFC Championship Game (NO, GB and SF) all won in blowout fashion this week, scoring an average of 40 points each.

Seattle’s defense is going to hold it down the rest of the way, but they better work hard on both sides of the ball to ensure home field advantage in the playoffs.

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