A Good Day for RedZone: Looking at a Bear-less Sunday in the NFL

Stephan Savoia/AP Kenbrell Tompkins makes GH – Rob Ryan, the Saints’ defensive coordinator, couldn’t believe it, throwing his long headed-mane back in disgust. He should have. You cannot give Tom Brady three chances to win a game and that is just what the Saints did to fall from the unbeaten ranks at Gillette Stadium Sunday. All the Saints defense needed was one more stop. All the offense needed was one more first down. But all the Patriots needed was Brady. Bouncing back from one of the worst games of his career in Cincinnati, Brady’s 17-yard hookup with rookie Kenbrell Tompkins with five seconds left in the game gave the Pats a 30-27 win and his first-ever head-to-head victory against Drew Brees. Holding on to a one-score lead inside the last 3:30, the Saints had stopped Brady on two previous 2:00 drills but couldn’t finish him off. It was a hard lesson on the way to 5-1. For the 5-1 Patriots, it was a typical win, against all odds, with key players hurt and Brady coming out on top. Now it will fall to the Jets, who came into this weekend hoping to tie for the AFC East lead with a win over the Steelers and a Patriots loss. Now, they’ll be desperate to avoid a second loss to New England, which would put them, in effect, four games back. But what else is new? A gutted Rob Ryan reacts to the Patriots' comeback win. A gutted Rob Ryan reacts to the Patriots' comeback win. Afterwards, Brady spoke about mental toughness and “seeing what guys are made of” and how this Patriots team is being defined. “We’re 5-1 we’re just grinding,” he said. “We’ve had some tough games and none of them have been easy. Hopefully we can use this as a little bit of momentum heading into next week.” PHOTOS: NFL WEEK 6 ROUNDUP: BRADY LEADS COMEBACK, CAM SCORES 4 TDS “You need a short memory in this game,”Bill Belichick said. “We all have bad plays in this game. The competitors come back, keep competing and get it the next time. move it again and when Brady got it again at his 30, he was suddenly at his  make a play. That was pretty sweet.” The touchdown pass was Brady’s first of the day and it came after his 52-game touchdown streak was broken by the Bengals a week ago. It also tied him with Fran Tarkenton for fourth place on the all-time list with 342. Brees, meanwhile, finished 17-for-36 for 236 yards with two touchdowns. But it was the first time in 11 games going back to last year where he hadn’t completed at least 25 passes. The Patriots could be short-handed against the Jets. Cornerback Aqib Talib helped hold Jimmy Graham, who entered the game as the league’s leading receiver, without a catch, left the game with a hip injury. Wide receiver Danny Amedola, who missed the first game against the Jets, was knocked out of the game with a head injury. Linebacker Jerod Mayo left the game in the fourth quarter with a shoulder injury. Then there’s the matter of tight end Rob Gronkowski, who sat out another game with a forearm injury. There are whispers, perhaps unfair, that it’s starting to cause some friction in the normally tight Pats locker room because Gronkowski has looked so good in practice and never plays. Owner Bob Kraft said this week that the player knows best and they stand behind his decision. But all that didn’t really matter at the end of the day. “Winning helps galvanize everything. Losing sucks,” Brady said. Maybe that’s why he seldom does it. 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Black Bike Week: Booze and Motorcycles in Myrtle Beach Play Video Recommended by Comments See All Comments [Discussion Guidelines ] Post a new comment Post  bhs73Less than a minute ago The story is about Ryan, but he didn't lose the game, the saints had it in their hand if they didn't go into their " prevent offense" and instead just went out there to win the game at the end, not to try not to loose it. The Ryans all seem to live down to their dad's level of skill, but Rob really does know his defense. Its rough to be put in the position the Saint's offense put his defense at the end. Brady will beat you if you give him too many times, and no one can defend against that, so the blame and the story is not on sad old Ryan, so much as it is on the Saint's lack of faith in their offense to win the game for them Reply 0  LBgurl90805Less than a minute ago Kudos to Austin Collie for having good hands and doing his part in this victory. He just singed up two weeks ago. The next big question is if he can stay healthy? Peyton will throw to him during their time together as Colts; now it's Brady's turn. Reply 0  IYFFYILess than a minute ago Three chances. The Pats WRs are improving, and no matter how bad they are still, you don't give Brady three chances at the end of the game to win. You can't, and you don't. Saints did horrible of not killing time, and Brady was just Brady. I could feel it coming. Reply 0  RickTheCabbieLess than a minute ago I hate Brady, lose to see him lose (and get sacked in the process) but watching the game I KNEW he was going to do it. You DO NOT give a HOF'er like him time to beat you. The Ryan family is the most overrated in the history of the NFL Reply 0  RainyDayInternsLess than a minute ago While we are fully willing to admit that we had lost all hope in the Pats winning the game after the interception, Carolyn (girlfriend of one of the guys watching the game) said... "The new players will know what it's like to play Patriots-level football. With five seconds left in a game they were sure to lose... Brady will throw a touchdown." We are now putting money into a pot so she can go pick the next Megabuck winner. Reply 0  minsehrmanLess than a minute ago to brady I say kardoolock. the last drive was a thing of beauty and frolation. but the saints lost this game with a mulooverant display in futility in running out the clock during 2 drives before brady performed his debulatory magic. mindymoe to the pats and next week should be fun. Reply 1 reply 0  Raylan GivensLess than a minute ago OK Pootie Tang. Reply 0  syr44Less than a minute ago Watched the 4th Qtr of this game. What a colossal failure by the NO Saints in playing the usual wussy NFL late game cowardice of NOT going for first downs to close out a game. The Saints DESERVE this loss totally! As a football fan, I was disgusted with the typical cowardly run and punt end of game philosophy of NFL teams. ONE first down wins that game for New Orleans! How stupid can they be to give Brady 3 chances in the last 3 minutes to win a game?! They lucked out twice, but no way 3 times. It was so easy to see that coming. Reply 0  sezyouLess than a minute ago Awesome comeback! Unbelievable! I think half the fans left before it was over! Surprise! Reply 2 replies 0  Roy MunsonLess than a minute ago I love it when that happens. Fake fans Reply 1 reply 0 	 dickdutsieLess than a minute ago I agree, jets & giants are fake fans, right fireman ed? 0 Show more comments Ads by Yahoo! How To Win MegaMilionProfessor Reveals How To Win MegaMillion 2 Times In A Row!(www.winning-numbers.us/cn2.1/1.0con)

Stephan Savoia/AP
Kenbrell Tompkins makes the game-winning catch off a 17-yard touchdown throw from Tom Brady in the final seconds that lifts the Patriots to a win over New Orleans Sunday evening. 

You may be all for Thursday Night Football or you may think it is excessive and unneeded, but either way you got to appreciate the way it allows the average football fan to have one more Sunday — besides the bye week — where you can leisurely enjoy the day where the most action happens.

In this most-busy era for fans, where fantasy obligations run head on into team obligations, which are at odds with the urge to enjoy the NFL in total, some weeks can be tough — in particular, the past two Sundays for Bears fans have been pretty bogus given the losses in each and how neither one could be let down at any point during the day.

Thankfully, a loss to the Giants was not a factor at all. Actually, I believe had the Bears not won Thursday, we would still all be in a drunken stupor by Sunday afternoon, trying to forget the embarrassment of that situation.

As it was, this Sunday was about chilling and getting a good look at the lay of the land in the League and with only a couple of games (one actually being the unopposed Sunday night game) that really jumped out as attention-getters, this Sunday was a day to be thankful for the NFL RedZone. Be it through legal or more “independent” means (the internet always provides), the RedZone weekly asserts itself as one of the greatest innovations in sports broadcasting.

With its help I was able to take a decent enough look at each Sunday game to provide a quick hit on the entire Week 6 slate. If your team was on the losing side of any of these results, do yourself a favor and avoid any other sports media besides this website:

Green Bay 19, Baltimore 17

The Packers’ ability to make big plays — even when they aren’t making may plays in all — allowed them to pull this one off. Aaron Rodgers completed only seven passes in the second half but they went for a combined 199 yards. Going to be interesting going ahead to see how James Jones and Randall Cobb’s injuries affect the WR corps. The Ravens loss also ended a 13-game win streak at home against NFC opponents.

Philadelphia 31, Tampa Bay 20

The Bucs continue their horrible season (and what the hell are they doing with Doug Martin, says this guy who has him on his no-cut list on Yahoo!) and the Eagles finally didn’t look like crap while playing without Mike Vick. Eagles faithful have to be encouraged overall about their offense, this year’s team is one of only three ever to gain at least 400 yards in each of their first six games (’07 Patriots, ’83 Chargers).

Pittsburgh 19, NY Jets 6

The Jets encouraged a lot of people with their Monday night performance at Atlanta but they really don’t seem like the type of team to pull off two wins within a week’s time (at least not yet). Steelers finally show some pride and accomplish their first win of the season, also the franchise’s 600 in history, including the postseason.

Carolina 35, Minnesota 10

It sucks that the Vikings and Adrian Peterson in particular had to take such a tough loss given the events of this week but they just aren’t that good a team. Carolina, though… they know how to beat down teams they are supposed to (see: Week 3 versus the Giants) and when Cam plays, he really plays. Would be nice to see this Carolina team more, but we won’t, not often.

Kansas City 24, Oakland 7

KC also knows how to beat teams they are supposed to, they’ve done so mostly through their 6-0 start. Still, this is a good team and their defense clearly showed that Terrelle Pryor makes only slightly better choices in the pocket than Richard Pryor would. All you need to know: 4th-and-48, jack.

St. Louis 38, Houston 13

I said on this week’s D and Davis Show that there was more embarrassment to be had in Houston and I appreciate them giving me my best prediction of the year so far. The obvious storyline involves the QB play — the cheering for Matt Schaub’s injury, TJ Yates throwing like TD Jakes, yada yada. Just all kinds of negativity going on in a place that not long ago looked like the next franchise to break through as a constant contender.

Cincinnati 27, Buffalo 24

Very encouraging for Buffalo to see it has a decent backup quarterback in the kid from Duke (following a recent starter from Harvard, guess they’ll start recruiting Oxford next). The Bengals straight survived and saved itself some soul-searching in regards to its offense, which finally showed up and won a game for this team.

Detroit 31, Cleveland 17

The most blah matchup as far as I’m concerned. Hate to give the Lions any props but they found another weapon in the rookie TE Joseph Fauria and Reggie Bush is continuing to look like a new, old man win that offense. Good offensive showing with Calvin Johnson still affected by his right knee and not able to produce (3 rec, 25 yards).

Seattle 20, Tennessee 13

The Titans seem like one of those teams that will provide fits to all teams this season and they played their role of near-spoiler well once again, but the Seahawks are just too strong — with Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch steady eating up yards all this team needs from week to week is the defense to show up and they only have the best unit on that side of the ball.

Denver 35, Jacksonville 19

You have to be proud of the Jaguars for making this a competitive game most of the whole way through and Justin Blackmon really needs to keep himself out of BS, he can be the guy that keeps that team with some level of relevancy in the League going forward. Denver just did what they had to do, its not always going to be showy with them — Peyton with 22 TDs is still on pace for the NFL record.

San Francisco 32, Arizona 20

Another blah, though the Cardinals did show some heart. Vernon Davis was big for the 49ers, could they be finally gaining some sense in regards to using the most effective TE weapon in the NFL. Arizona actually out-gained the SF offense 403-387, surprising giving how well the Niners ran the ball– pretty good defense out in AZ, if only their offense could control the ball better.

New England 30, New Orleans 27

Tom Brady simply asserted himself once again as one of the true legends of modern-day sports — his 38th win from a tie or deficit in the fourth quarter. Much breaking down can be done of the lacking late-game decisions on both sides, this was a game featuring two superior teams neither of which are nearly as good as they should or could be, a perfect stew for mid-October football.

We found out a lot about both teams in this one but more than anything this game was about the affirmation that Tom Brady can really do no wrong — Boston is lucky as hell, Papi is one thing but he and Brady both shutting things down in a matter of hours… man.

And the Patriots fans are getting some crap for leaving early, but they don’t deserve it. It’s seemed reasonably that the Pats were ready for a big implosion, their last couple weeks of play have been horrible and for most of the Saints game Brady wasn’t doing nothing and his recievers were doing less, you can’t be mad at those folks for turning attention to the Sawx a little early. But let it be known and never forgotten — never sleep on Brady.

Or like this.

Keeping the pressure on

Not including any take on the R*dsk*ns and the Cowboys here because you obviously didn’t need RedZone or Sunday Ticket or illegal streams to watch it. Still wanted to post up Bob Costas’s halftime essay on the Washington football team’s name though.

I offer a couple clues in the previous paragraph so you know where I stand on the issue — the word in entirety will not be written on this website and I look forward to the day (and it will come) when we don’t have to worry about it any more.

Also, Costas’s halftime statements are becoming a key platform in the discussion of certain heavy sports topics, such as his take on gun control last season, and given the sadly predictable reactions he’s received in the wake of both, this is one instance where I actually agree with the belief that if you aren’t receiving hate for your actions then you aren’t doing anything — Costas is doing something here, the pressure is gaining momentum, change is on its way.

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