Friday Bears Post: Ehh, We’ll Take It

Andrew Mills/ USA TODAY Sports Hallelujah! Brandon Marshall celebrates after scoring the first of his two touchdowns against the New York Giants Thursday night at Soldier Field.

Andrew Mills/ USA TODAY Sports
Hallelujah! Brandon Marshall celebrates after scoring the first of his two touchdowns against the New York Giants Thursday night at Soldier Field.

All things considered, it was a cheap win, but knocking off the dreadful New York Giants by less than a touchdown doesn’t mean that the Chicago Bears’ aren’t worth a damn.

The Bears went out and got a win that they needed, coming out strong and ending strong by a score of 27-21 when the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning had the outcome of the game in their hands, good thing E-lite was so gracious as to bookend the proceedings with bad passes in the vicinity of Tim Jennings, who played with purpose without Charles Tillman holding down the other side (also, props to Zach Bowman who once again showed himself to be a fine third CB in filling in for Peanut).

Giving an overlook of the Bears performance Thursday, you can’t complain too much but there are a couple obvious things to worry about, chief among them is the defense’s overall health and the effect it has had and will continue to have on their performance. Brandon Jacobs was indeed impressive against the Bears but he shouldn’t have been able to run so unimpeded throughout the game — that is said knowing that much of the time the Bears were able to put bodies on the Southern Illinois University product (*cough* Go Salukis). Yet in still, the Bears couldn’t initiate contact and the guys they got out there right now are either just not good enough or they are playing out of position. Really, what good does it do anyone to have Julius Peppers playing on the interior line?

Thursday saw the third significant season-ending injury on the defensive side as it was announced today that middle linebacker D.J. Williams tore a pectoral muscle while in action against the Giants. This follows the dual ACL tears of Nate Collins and Henry Melton. Williams has acquitted him self well in the middle of the Bears’ defense and although he hasn’t had the same responsibilities as mike linebacker that his predecessor, Brian Urlacher, had, Williams still brought an established professionalism to the position. Now the team is going to have to trust Jonathan Bostic a lot more and do so right away.

There are many promising possibilities of Bostic taking control of the middle linebacker position, though, the rookie from Florida proved as much this preseason. It won’t be hard to keep an eye out because Bostic should surely do something to gain Bears fans’ attention soon. Hopefully it’ll be something good.

B. Marshall’s True Colors

Let it be said from here on that Brandon Marshall’s truest color is lime green, but he continues to look damn good in Bears blue and orange.

Marshall is deservedly gaining much positive feedback for his willingness to wear green shoes on the field Thursday to represent the cause of Mental Illness Awareness Week, furthering his position now as a public face for mental illness as well as a positive story of how one can turn himself around from things like borderline personality disorder, which Marshall was diagnosed with two years ago.

This week’s game acted as much as a showcase for Marshall as any since he’s arrived in Chicago and not only because of his standout play on the field. To see Marshall after the game sitting live with the NFL Network crew inside Soldier Field with hundreds of Bears fans remaining in the stands, cheering wildly, was to see a man who is loving his surroundings more than at any time in his career.

Sure, a lot of that has to do with the deeply personal work Marshall has done to make himself more stable mentally, but he has to know that his team is also looking out for him at this point — a few days after much of the media and fans were sitting still like the bomb squad, waiting for a Marshall-set conflagration in the locker room after his low output against New Orleans. It may be looked at by some as pampering, all this attention to Marshall’s touches and whatnot, but that comes with the territory with truly special wide receivers just as you have to expect that those receivers are going to be disappointed at times when the ball doesn’t come their way.

Marshall knows what impact he can have on any game and he intends to unleash himself whenever he gets the chance. In the past when he couldn’t unleash, it may have meant unchecked trouble for those around him, but now as a player and as a man he has the tools to be productive even when the ball isn’t in his hands. Lets all keep rooting for him.

One more word

We usually try to keep things light on this site, but I have a hard time not offering a few words in the wake of the horrible news that broke today regarding the death of Adrian Peterson’s son.

This is truly one of those stories that jump out of a day and rip your heart apart. AP has been one of those athletes that has given football fans so much to be amazed and entertained by and he hasn’t done anything in his life to be hit back by this kind of tragedy, it is truly saddening to hear.

It’s obvious, the feelings that come to mind regarding this story and the so-called man who brought it into motion, who abused the trust of many, starting with Peterson’s baby’s mother, who was in a relationship with the perpetrator.

It’s less obvious what Peterson could be going through and to think that sometime soon, likely sooner than anyone in this position should have to deal with, he’ll have to go about his job again and entertain us with his immense skill. It just adds an unforeseen weight and subtext to everything we see out of AP from here on out. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

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