Friday Bears Post: Are You Not Entertained? Earl Bennett reels his game-defining touchdown catch in the 4th quarter Sunday night in the Bears' 40-23 win at Pittsburgh.
Earl Bennett reels his game-defining touchdown catch in the 4th quarter Sunday night in the Bears’ 40-23 win at Pittsburgh.

Put your proverbial ear to the online roads and hear the drumbeat: yeah, the Chicago Bears are 3-0, but they could be 3-0 in an even better way.

They could be scoring more, out-scoring more, there could be more style exhibited on the field with this shiny new offensive system that Marc Trestman is thought to have brought us.

Look at the point differential numbers, the paltry +7 average certainly isn’t rocking with Seattle’s average or Denver’s average, both beating opponents by nearly three touchdowns a game. It isn’t even on the level of Kansas City’s near two-touchdown a game average.

It’s always got to be a struggle with the Bears, even in victory. The tide will change eventually, right? Maybe starting this weekend in Detroit — how many more game-winning drives are in Jay Cutler, how many more times will he be willing to run over a defensive back for a first down? How man more times can Earl Bennett graze his right foot along the end zone grass just enough for the refs to see it in replay?

Cutting it too close, man, way too close. Can’t enjoy wins like these, can we?


It doesn’t hurt to ask for more, it’s not wrong, but it has to be acknowledged that this team has faced two well-regarded defenses (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh) from arguably the most rugged division in the NFL, blitzing defenses that would have liked nothing more than to put Cutler in the ground repeatedly. Neither one did. Most importantly, Cutler was allowed to stand up just about entirely through each game and that was really all the Bears needed to do each time — that allowed the offense to play with confidence in each fourth quarter its played so far, outscoring opponents 27-9 combined in the fourth.

Strong finishes are what should be taken mainly from the Bears’ opening games, they are what is important now — knowing how to evolve mid-game, how to withstand opponents’ aggression and push back harder and with finality, that’s something that should always be a part of the Bears’ victory formula, its something that’s been missing around these parts.

Regardless of how they execute, when they execute should be noted above all. It may get pretty eventually, but so what if it doesn’t? What really is gonna look better than Cutler plastering a Steeler in the open field?

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