Preview: The WARR Q&A is Coming…

The first in what should be a defining feature of this website, the WARR Q&A, premieres tomorrow with our culture writer David Evans’ sit down with a veteran Chicago rapper. Check out the site tomorrow for who it is and more revealing talk, like this take on Kendrick Lamar and his verse that set the game on fire.

WARR: The most polarizing thing in hip hop right now is Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control.”

N: Well, I don’t know. To be honest, I think that shit was dope, but I think that people are giving it more credit than what it deserves. I feel like it shows how wack the landscape is, that that type of verse was the only type of verse that’s come out on the mainstream in a while. That’s not how it was like ten years ago. Ten years ago, It wouldn’t have stood up to some of the cats that was really rhyming on the radio like that. I don’t think so.

I spend most of my day listening to late 90’s rap, early 2000’s rap cause, that was my golden era. That was when I was in grammar school, in high school. So, it’s a dope verse — he named names. I’ll say it was more of ballsy verse, than anything. It was ballsy to say everybody’s name. Cause right now, hip-hop is in a space, all these young guys they put out hits, they’re making money, they’re touring. Everything love. We’re all friends, we’re all bros. And he’s like, no fuck that. I want to be better than you. And like, nobody said that out loud. When, in reality, every body’s thinking that. Everyone goes on their tour bus and they talk about how they can be better than the other person. They do tours with these guys and they talk about how their show can be better than the other guys. Kendrick just went there. Personally, he is a phenomenal rapper. But there was a point in time, when there was phenomenal rappers on the radio all the time.

WARR: I think that is the one thing as far as art goes, or as far as art, I mean, compared to professional sports, is that there is no standard bearing.

N: There is no barrier to entry. You can do a song in your bedroom, you can be on YouTube tomorrow. Case in point, Chief Keef blew up, he was in his grandma’s house the whole time. And that’ s not even a joke. That’s reality. He was in his grandma’s house the whole fucking time. Shot videos in there, recorded in there. Five million dollar deal. What you wanna do? You know. Like, that’s where were at right now. And that’s cool. Have fun. But there’s still like, certain people, who care about the art. And I think it’s dope to see a cat like Kendrick, go platinum, and still want to tear off nigger’s necks off. That shits cool, man. It puts everyone on guard, like. Who cares who got more money. I’m doper than you. We care too much about Soundscan and shit like that now. Motherfuckers didn’t use to care about that shit.

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