Boxing: Mayweather Aftermath — Who’s Next?

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Money Mayweather cruised his way to a 45th win in his boxing career last Saturday and a freakish payday, both giving further proof that Floyd Mayweather makes the needle move with more frequency than any other person in boxing today and in quite a long time.

To be the man in boxing, and make the man’s money, you’re going to have to get next to Floyd and in Floyd’s face as Alvarez did in promotional event after promotional event leading up to this last fight.

There should be no lack of potential competitors to help round out the four fights left on Mayweather’s six-fight contract with Showtime, but who really makes the best four upcoming bouts with the Pound-for-Pound champ?

WARR contributor Brian Mazique closed out his coverage of Mayweather-Canelo this week by offering his perfect list of upcoming fights for Mayweather on Bleacher Report, he also goes a step further by stating these next four would be the final four for Money.

Brian’s list includes Danny Garcia, who impressed many by outlasting Lucas Matthysse on the Mayweather-Canelo undercard, Amir Kahn, the still-present (in Floyd conversations) Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner. Check the link for Brian’s prediction on the dates for these possible fights and his predictions.

More on Mayweather’s Money: 

Mayweather will net more than $80 million for the Canelo fight (Forbes)

Mayweather-Canelo set new revenue mark, but short on all-time views (AP via Fox Sports)

More boxing headlines:

Dumbass judge C.J. Ross, who tried to ruin Mayweather-Canelo and helped torpedo Pacquiao-Bradley, says she’s taking a leave from scoring fights. I think she just got a choice between being driven out into the desert and getting chased into the desert (Bleacher Report)

And boxing legend Ken Norton died this week. Long before he sired an all-pro linebacker, this guy secured his sporting legacy by breaking Muhammad Ali’s jaw. How many people have done that, you ask? One — Ken Norton. RIP.

One Punch: how Ken Norton became a boxing legend in a single night (Bleacher Report)

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