Preview: The Varsity Show Keeps It Moving

Listen to The Varsity Show tonight on with hosts Sean “Pharoah” Terry and Joe “Champ” Tanksley.

This week the fellas breakdown the transaction that has the whole NFL talking and maybe shaking their heads for multiple reasons — the trade of Trent Richardson from Cleveland to Indianapolis. What impact will this have on the AFC South division and maybe the conference in general.

Plus, there’ll be a look ahead to the Bears’ Sunday night showcase at Pittsburgh and taking it to the diamond, Pharoah and Champ will breakdown the remaining playoff chases in the MLB and speak on who’s hot and who’s not heading into October.

Also, there’ll be some delving into the Bulls off season and the issue of why doesn’t Derrick Rose play a more active role in recruiting talent to the Chi.

Remember: The Varsity Show, live at 9pm central, Thursdays on Regal Radio’s page at and available throughout the week there as well. Feel free to call in and hit the guys up, keep up with the show @varsityshow1 on Twitter and subscribe to the show on iTunes for all Regal programs on demand.

Follow Regal Radio on Twitter @regalradio1 and The Varsity Show @thevarsityshow1


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