Boxing: Sizing up Mayweather vs. Canelo



Mere hours away from this year’s biggest, most hyped boxing match, or in other words, the one where Floyd Mayweather will maybe have to break a sweat.

If you think that the red-headed Mexican phenom is the one to end Money May’s long reign of trash talk, perfectly placed jabs, impenetrable defense and currency tossing, go ahead and assume all you like and make that bet, but prior to making any wagers you’d regret tomorrow (something Mayweather knows a bit about) you’d do good to read up on WARR contributor Brian Mazique’s writing on tonight’s pay-per-view must-see for Bleacher Report.

Brian also has Mayweather as a large favorite to extend his undefeated record to 45-0, but Canelo is a potentially explosive foe for Floyd — one who has stopped nine of 38 opponents in the first six rounds since he started fighting 12 round fights. Here, Brian says Alvarez will need another early KO to have any chance.

More from Brian Mazique and Bleacher Report on Mayweather/Canelo: 

Mayweather’s huge payday for Canelo proves his business plan was on point

Breakdown of TV information for Floyd/Canelo

Breakdown of undercard matches:

Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse

Ishe Smith vs. Carlos Molina

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