Reminder: Catch Up on the Best of Regal this Weekend

Pennant races, college football games of the year and big boxing showdowns are all on the schedule for this jam-packed weekend (and lets not forget another full slate of NFL games): for the best takes on all these things and more, tune into Regal Radio on NOW!!!

This week the guys on The Varsity Show — Sean “Pharoah” Terry and Joe “Champ” Tanksley — look back on the Bears’ opening week win over the Bengals and look ahead as they prepare for Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. Also, there’s a look into Brian Urlacher’s continued shots at current Bears. Plus, a preview of Mayweather/Canelo and a look into this week’s On the WARRpath question, this time regarding Dennis Rodman and his adventures in North Korea.

Also, we can’t forget about our friends at the Sports Cypher, who this week broke down Week 1 in the NFL with guest analyst Russell Baker and also took a look forward to this weekend’s big boxing match between Floyd and Alvarez.

You can listen to both shows now on blogtalkradio and listen out for new D and Davis tomorrow at 11 am on and a new Sports Cypher Sunday evening at 9pm on WVON in Chicago.

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