Friday Bears Post: What To Do With Adrian Peterson?

REUTERS/Jeff Haynes

REUTERS/Jeff Haynes

Ed. note — expect the simply titled “Friday Bears Post” to touch on key storylines and other notables surrounding the Monsters of the Midway every Friday during the football season.

It’s week 2 and the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings are preparing for their key early-season divisional match-up.

Really, is there anything else that needs to be said or delved over in regards to these two familiar rivals seeing each other once again. The winner this Sunday does well for themselves in regards to the NFC North divisional race as well as the NFC playoff (likely wild card) hunt to come.

After their Week 1 defeat to Detroit, this game certainly does have more of an air of desperation to it surrounding the Vikes, so if any faces behind the Minnesota sideline starts to bunch up this Sunday then it’ll be a little harder for that team to pass off their stench on any foul objects floating in Lake Michigan.

Of course, with Adrian Peterson in tow you at least have a chance to not-stink as a team, even if Christian Ponder is your quarterback. Minnesota has the defining game-changer in the NFL today and to no surprise the recent history of Bears-Vikings has hinged very much on A(ll) D(ay)’s presence and what he did on the field, outlined to good effect here by the Redeye’s Jack M. Silverstein.

Peterson’s perceived impact is once again the main story line of Bears-Vikings week. Peterson’s actual impact could be great and yet inconsequential, he’s run well consistently on the Bears and had a couple of his most outstanding games against them, but Chicago has won six of the last seven and seven of the last 10 games against Minnesota.

Three good quotes on Adrian Peterson by the Bears this week

“I’m excited to play against him — he’s considered to be one of the best backs in the league — and just go against him,” — linebacker D.J. Williams.

“You can’t really put your guys in a situation where you have a lot of one-on-one tackles. If you watch that guy, he’ll make the first guy miss. He’ll run through tackles. The more guys we can get to the ball, the better chance we’ll have.” — linebacker James Anderson

“Everyone has to be at the point of attack every time he gets the ball. Frontside, backside, D-line, linebackers, secondary, every time he gets the ball he can go the distance and we know that. Tackling is going to be huge for our whole defense. That’s one of the things we’ve been talking about: we have to become stronger tacklers, and that’s a point of emphasis.” — defensive coordinator Mel Tucker

And one for the bulletin board from Peterson on the Bears

“They got some good D-tackles, but they’re not Detroit up front. Not to take anything away from those guys [in Chicago]. Julius Peppers and those guys are great players as well. We got to go out and be physical and make our presence felt.” — (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

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