On the WARRpath: Who Has You Excited for the NFL Season?

This guy's excited for football: Broncos tight end Julius Thomas celebrates after scoring one of his two touchdowns Thursday night in Denver's 49-27 win over Baltimore.

This guy is excited for football: Broncos tight end Julius Thomas celebrates after scoring one of his two touchdowns Thursday night in Denver’s 49-27 win over Baltimore.

Ed. note — Our weekly feature, On the WARRpath takes on the issues that cross our collective paths here at weareregalradio.com and allows all of our well-established sports voices to sound off on the things that are buzzing in the sports world.

As the first week of the NFL season unfolds we all get a chance now to truly immerse ourselves in the most obsessive of American sports interests.

If you are a true football fan you indeed a lover of one team in particular (no room for Switzerlands when it comes to NFL fandom), but the whole of Sunday is to be enjoyed as well, every week — you have to have some reason to sit through Arizona and Jacksonville when your guys aren’t kicking off until 3:30.

Be it vegging out in front of multiple TVs in a sports bar, making up our own multiple-screen set up in our living rooms or posting up on the Red Zone channel, we all have teams who fascinate us and give us remaining reasons to root when our own teams tank. Here at Chicago-based WARR, we know about keeping a wide view of the League to offset frustrations at home.

With that in mind we asked three Chicagoans and a New Yorker where else their attentions will sit most as these next 17 weeks play out.

Let’s see what the guys had to say:

Demonze Spruiel-Rose, co-host, The D and Davis Show: Hello San Francisco!!
The 49ers are for sure one of the most watched teams in the NFL and my eyes will be glued to them as well this season.
Now, for full disclosure: I HATE the 49ers!!! It was hard to see my beloved Bears get beat down consistently by Joe Montana in the 80’s, Steve Young in the 90’s and even Jeff Garcia in the aughts. Now the lucky SOB’s have Colin Kaepernick! Making it worse is the fact they are lead by former Bears QB Jim Harbaugh.
The biggest moves by the 49ers this offseason were trading for Super Bowl winning wide receiver Anquan Boldin and dropping that bum Alex Smith (Yeah, I said it — bum! I can’t wait to see the Kansas City fans rip him a new one when they get tired of him).
I’m looking forward to seeing Boldin alongside Kyle Williams, should exciting. NFC, beware of the Niners when Michael Crabtree comes back from his Achilles injury. I still have questions with their defense, but picking up Glenn Dorsey from the Kansas City Chiefs is a plus and newly acquired cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will be looking to prove his worth in his return to the Bay Area.
The 49ers have been went from being the laughing stock of the NFC just a few years ago to making the playoffs, reaching the NFC Championship and making runner up in the Super Bowl under Harbaugh. They’re still progressing out there — I see more Lombardi trophies heading towards San Francisco.
Sean Terry, co-host, The Varsity Show: The team(s) I’m most interested in all have a certain thing in common… to be frank, I enjoy watching black quarterbacks do their thing.
Love it or hate it, I think my love for the black QB has something to do with the fact that despite the coaching, they usually have a different swag and an unconventional throwing style that makes them stand out. I’m looking forward to seeing what type of insane numbers and highlights a rejuvenated Mike Vick can produce with a healthy Shady McCoy and a motivated Desean Jackson all inspired by a Chip Kelly offense.
Washington remains fascinating with RGIII and Mike Shanahan developing what looks to be a love/hate relationship? Is RGIII really healthy? How many rush attempts and scrambles will we see from him this year?
Most of all I may be interested in Seattle — the upstart Seahawks have their eyes fixed on their inner-division opponents, the 49ers, a matchup that could turn into a new must-see rivalry game. Specific to the Seahawks, I’m looking forward to seeing the continued growth in Russell Wilson’s game, and the number of takeaways produced by the secondary. The Legion of Boom could be the most daunted secondary since those legendary Raiders defensive secondaries led by Jack Tatum.
Brian Mazique, WARR contributor: The team I’m most intrigued by is the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton came on at the end of the 2012 season, throwing 11 touchdown passes and just two picks in the final seven games.
Carolina was 5-2 in that span and seemed to be finding themselves. The young linebacker corps is perhaps the best group in the NFL, with Luke Kuechly leading the way, and the Panthers’ defensive line doesn’t get enough credit.
Rookie defensive tackle Star Lotulelei is a future star and a great story after dealing with concerns about a potential heart condition just before the NFL draft. The Panthers could be one of the major surprises this year, provided Newton stays healthy of course.
Brandon Robinson, WARR contributor: I’m looking forward to seeing a successful Denver Broncos season this year.
Despite its 38-35 playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens in double OT in last season’s AFC divisional round, Denver had an impressive season last year, going 13-3. Peyton Manning returned from injury last season and threw for 4,659 yards with 37 touchdowns. This season, the Broncos will not have to worry about the Superbowl champion Ravens being a threat. It’s quite plausible that the Broncos are the clear favorite at being AFC Champions this season.
As champion wrestler Ric Flair often said,to be the man, you gotta beat the man!” and coach John Fox’s Broncos did just that Thursday in their redemptive 49-27 opening night victory over Baltimore. Peyton Manning made throwing bombs in the end zone look effortless, throwing seven touchdowns on the evening.
The Broncos’ biggest offseason move was the acquisition of former New England wideout Wes Welker, his nine receptions, 67 yards and two touchdowns in the win helped reinforce the veteran leadership and presence that he should add for Denver. 
Lastly, with Denver not resigning Willis McGahee, Knowshown Moreno is now the featured back in Denver’s offense. If healthy, he should contribute nicely.
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