Getting Called for Sports Jury Duty on the “Sports Verdict”

sports-verdict-promo One of our main men here on, Brandon Robinson, put me on to one of his many ventures this week, the “Sports Verdict,” a recurring online segment put on by CBS Local productions and posted on all their CBS affiliate websites, such as Chicago’s.

The format of the show is such: a main argument takes place in a New York set involving two NY media guys, moderated by host Otis Livingston. Elsewhere, five relatively anonymous fans are piped in via Google hangouts and serve as the jury to decide which of the combating media guys are right in their argument, which this time around centered on which NFL conference would produce the Super Bowl champion this season.

I served as a jury member, which Brandon has done multiple times prior, and I kinda sucked and my set up really sucked. It was my first time doing such a thing, my debut on network distributed streaming content — wasn’t really nervous but some issues I had in even getting in a place to do the segment right (downloading crap to the computer I was on, moving to a room with decent lighting, etc.) sort of threw me off.

My arguments were decent, I thought, but I came less strong on a second “take” (also my first time doing a take outside of the lovely video we made here on our Mission Statement page), plus as a newbie I figured coming in that I had to really show out to get major screen time, so it made perfect sense to me when I saw the final edit and no large scale shot of ya boy. At least my striking ebony skin made me stand out in the lower boxes.

Had a good time doing it though and would love another chance to show my sports arguing chops. Check out Sports Verdict weekly, it is a pretty good segment with or without yours truly.

And if you’re interested: I got the NFC producing the Super Bowl champ, San Francisco to be exact.

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