Friday Bears Post: GM Emery Takes It to the People

Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery

Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery

Ed. note — expect the simply titled “Friday Bears Post” to touch on several storylines and other notables surrounding the Monsters of the Midway every Friday during the football season.

The man when it comes to Bears personnel: general manager Phil Emery took his message to the people with a special hour-long live lunch chat with fans Wednesday on Here is a series of the most interesting questions and answers:

12:02 [Comment From nick]
Do you anticipate Kyle Long to move to a tackle position within the next few seasons or is he going to remain where he is?
12:03 Phil Emery
Kyle’s done a really good job for us and made continued progress. We anticipate leaving him at guard. Eventually he will get some reps in practice at tackle. But for the foreseeable future Kyle will remain at guard.

Young Nick?

12:16 [Comment From Jerry K.]
Will the Bears consider bringing back Blanchard at QB after he heals from his hand injury?
12:16 Phil Emery
Matt is another player who made tremendous progress during his time with the Bears. He’s a player that we will definitely keep tabs with and we will see what the future brings.
12:17 [Comment From Brad]
Jordan Palmer had a monster game against Cleveland. I was a little surprised he was released. Any chance of bringing him back?
12:18 Phil Emery
Jordan did an excellent job when he was here. It was amazing how much progress both he and Trent Edwards made while they were here. Our roster composition worked best when it included two quarterbacks and not three, and part of the reason for them being here was so they would learn and understand our system in case the need arose to bring them back.
12:27 [Comment From Bryan – Lockport]
I would LOVE to see Hard Knocks in Chicago. Any chance of having the show film the Bears in the future?
12:28 Phil Emery
As I spoke about in our first press conference at the start of camp, we are a traditional organization that feels our best connection with our fans is to come down to Bourbonnais and enjoy the live experience with us. There’s nothing like seeing the team through your own eyes and how it’s coming together.
12:32 [Comment From Jon]
Will the Bears team prepare differently for Green Bay this year than they have in the past? Green Bay seems to still have the same scheme yet the Bears have been unable to beat them in recent years.
12:33 Phil Emery
The simple answer is yes. We’ve had a change in staff and overall philosphy. The other part is we’ve had a change in our overall roster, which gives it a different dynamic. And we’ve added offensive weapons including tight end Martellus Bennett, receiver Marquess Wilson and a different dynamic in protection with four new starters on the offensive line.
12:44 [Comment From Clyde]
Phil, what differences can we expect from Mel Tucker’s version of the cover 2 versus Rod Marinelli’s cover 2?
12:45 Phil Emery
No competitive secrets will be given. I really like how Mel has taken charge of our defense. He’s a very positive, upbeat and intelligent person. He and our staff have done a great job of getting our players ready for this fall.
1:03 Phil Emery
I really enjoyed spending lunch with you. I greatly appreciate our fans and their love for the Chicago Bears. If you see me on the streets of Chicago on the morning of a game, please walk up and say hello. I’m very much looking forward to seeing our fans on Sunday, and go Bears!

Might start taking some strolls in the South Loop on Sunday mornings and take him up on that.

What is up with Urlacher?

It certainly seems like Brian Urlacher is enjoying his retirement and his transition into the media, but unfortunately #54 also seems to be one of those cats who get off on causing drama.

Spurred in no small part (I’m sure) by his new bosses at Fox Sports 1, Urlacher for some reason set off a small firestorm this week in regards to the Bears supposedly faking injuries during his run there. Urlacher let out that sensitive info during an airing of Fox Football Daily.

I care about the issue of football players faking injuries somewhat. At its surface it does sort of smack of the kind of lame showmanship that causes so many to flop in the NBA. Also with the same charges being levied against Northwestern this week, the Chi’s “city with big shoulders” reputation has kind of taken a hit.

One could also say that kind of behavior is downright shrewd, given just how fast offenses work today and with how much a volume of plays they throw at you. Freakin’ Cal threw over 60 times with a freshman quarterback on Saturday. I’d love to see how much they would have thrown with a guy they knew could play.

So, yeah, the Bears defenders probably did put on some with their injuries to slow down Green Bay and such. We all know Lovie Smith wasn’t the most confrontational guy, anyway…

Williams vs. Bostic, who you got?

Still seems to be a question, though you got to feel that Bostic is in line for the start at middle linebacker against the Bengals. With his preseason and with the overall shape of the Bears LB corps, the kid has earned it.

Its good to see Williams in shape for week 1, he should definitely get his reps in because he’s a weapon the Bears defense needs to utilize, but yeah, the job is the rookie’s to lose now.

Let the dollar circulate

Pay cuts have been another theme for this week, with both Julius Peppers and Earl Bennett seeing some changes to their contracts.

Said Peppers to ESPN Chicago: “I don’t really know what to say to that. You can analyze it how you want to. I guess it’s confirmed. That’s not my area. You’ve got to talk to [general manager] Phil [Emery] about that.”

Doesn’t sound very excited to me.

Of course this is the second time Pep has had to take a hit for the team, following the 2011 restructuring that saved the Bears $8 million dollars in salary cap space, this time around it was $2 mil in savings.

Bennett, it seems, was just looking to keep his job in Chicago. The man deserves an extra look or two from Cutler on Sunday.

Wonder how many more restructurings will take place over the course of the season, cause Emery definitely is holding on to the “no contract extension” policy of earlier this off season and Emery seems to keep it trill when it comes to these sorts of things, ask #54, or just wait for him to tell you on “Fox Football Daily.”

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