Chicago Bears release QBs Jordan Palmer, Trent Edwards & J’Marcus Webb –

Chicago Bears release QB Jordan Palmer, J’Marcus Webb

The Bears’ final cuts from the preseason are steady leaking out this morning and their two highest profile cuts fit the criteria of moves needed to provoke thought and initiate conversation in ways that should feel good for any NFL squad and their fan base as it enters the final week before week 1.

In the case of the Bears, we get a long-overdue cut of a lineman, one J’Marcus Webb, that no doubt is drawing yells of “hallelujah” throughout the greater Chicagoland area and likely a boost in late-morning traffic for a number of local pubs.

Yes, three years and 44 gotdamn starts.  JWebb Nation invaded Bears nation three years ago and the resulting pairing has been something like North and South Korea or India and Pakistan — like in those long feuds, only one side had the threat of nukes to its advantage, finally that side has pushed the red button. The Bears had to take the diplomatic route while that gaping hole to the left of Jay Cutler remained unfilled with no replacement on the horizon but now…well, thank God for Kyle Long and Jordan Mills and of course, Jermon Bushrod, that’s all I got to say.

A good reference, definitely, but I slightly prefer another effective line from a gangster classic.

The Tribune’s Brad Biggs is updating his story throughout the day and since starting this post its come across that not only quarterback Jordan Palmer has been released but Trent Edwards has been let go as well. Both quarterbacks played well last night, going a combined 21 of 34 for 246 yards and a touchdown. Both guys in a short time definitely used their stretch in Bears camp to campaign well for a backup spot elsewhere, meanwhile the Bears seem to prefer going the practice squad route for their third QB.

Another seemingly hard luck story would be safety Brandon Hardin, who now has to go down as the first high-round draft pick failure for Phil Emery. Emery shouldn’t feel bad, though, early round busts are a tradition round these parts, like young doctors mistakenly killing patients. Hardin was painfully out place in several plays I noticed in the second half yesterday, including the score that brought Cleveland in the game for good, where Hardin nearly broke his neck trying to run into the end zone-bound receiver. Definitely was time for him as well.

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