Preview: Varsity Show Takes on Brandon Marshall, the Bears and Cy Young Convention

Listen to The Varsity Show tonight on with hosts Sean “Pharoah” Terry and Joe “Champ” Tanksley.

This week the guys will offer the latest news and takes on whatever is going on with Brandon Marshall and the Chicago Bears, who wrap up the end of the preseason tonight along with the rest of the league as we enter the final countdown to the regular season kickoff.

Also, think the White Sox ace Chris Sale is a long shot for the Cy Young Award, right? Well, you may be wrong… see what the guys think about Sale’s chances against Detroit’s Max Scherzer and the rest of the field. Plus, Pharoah and Champ preview this week’s On the WARRpath question, which you can see right here this weekend. The subject: Johnny Manziel and the NCAA.

Remember: The Varsity Show, live at 9pm central Thursdays on Regal Radio’s page at and available throughout the week there as well. Feel free to call in and hit the guys up, keep up with the show @varsityshow1 on Twitter and subscribe to the show on iTunes for all Regal programs on demand.

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