Bears: Fans, Save Those Marc Trestman Posters


The Chicago Bears and first-year head coach Marc Trestman are mere moments from their third preseason game in Oakland against the Raiders.

As seasoned NFL preseason game-watchers know, the third preseason game is the closest preview we get of regular season action in August: third games give us the most extensive look at starters, so if you’re one to believe a Marc Trestman-autographed Bears poster could one day reach the level of value of Danny Baker’s Montreal Alouettes’ poster then tonight is an important night for you.

This is pretty much the first night we can really judge the new coach and his system and begin visualizing whether the clinical, bespectacled play caller can rise above the shaky pedigree of post-Ditka Bears coaching and bring Chicago into a new, unthinkable era of gridiron consistency, fueled by an offense with innovation instead of stagnation and un-imagination.

And since the Broadway Video crowd knows who he is, one can even imagine a revival of the Superfans should Trestman take Da Bears to the promised land… though without Chris Farley beating at his chest in a hula skirt, that moment would only be bittersweet.

More on the Bears and the all-important third preseason game:

Video of Trestman speaking on preseason game 3 (

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Fred Mitchell looks at the ongoing fight for backups who hope to make the first round of player cuts next week (Chicago Tribune)

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