Bears: Jon Bostic is Not Playin’ Out Here


A lot more encouraging things emerged for the Bears in their preseason win last night over San Diego, including the offense actually looking professional over the majority of a game. It would be quite foolish though to think of anything besides rookie linebacker Jonathan Bostic being the most impressive part of the Bears’ 2013 preseason.

Six days after welcoming himself to his first NFL end zone off a pick-6 against Carolina, Bostic rocked this unfortunate Chargers receiver (who will remain nameless out of respect) on a nationwide ESPN audience and made a substantial ripple in the NFL consciousness — the first hit to welcome all of us back to the warm, bone-rattling embrace of football season.

Of course, the Bears are proud — let us not be too early about this, but the franchise that has defined the middle linebacker position in pro football may have lucked into its latest torch carrier — but so is the University of Florida football program, this post at showed the exuberant reaction to the hit from Gator Nation. Keep chompin’ em up, Jon, and your name will ring out in more places than Gainsville.

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4 responses to “Bears: Jon Bostic is Not Playin’ Out Here

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