MLB Baseball: Reactions to the Sox’ Jake Peavy Deal

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Jake Peavy’s changing of sock color made for the last major move of the 2013 trade deadline and the last bit of major reshuffling to be done in Chicago baseball until this coming off season.

The White Sox are still sailing on with Sale but they gave up Peavy in a fascinating three-way deal that also included the Detroit Tigers and from the Tigers the Sox received high-end prospect Avisail Garcia as part of their package, Detroit’s top prise is potential starter Jose Iglesias from Boston.

In letting go of Peavy, the Sox said bye to one of the last remnants of the Kenny Williams era of “we winning now!” and taking on larger (and older) names in trades or free agency in order to do so. Peavy really took to Chicago even though it won’t go down as the most fruitful years of his career. He’ll join a Boston team that will put him in the midst of a playoff race once again and Peavy will pitch meaningful games once again — can’t be mad at that.

Surprising in all this is the fact that the Sox did something in this trade to earn kudos beyond letting Peavy play a role in the playoff hunt. The Garcia acquisition looks like it will potentially pay off with a new starter in the lineup and it is one taken away from the most powerful team in the AL Central at that. It took long enough, but the Sox have finally done something in 2013 to encourage fans to look (somewhat) into the future.

More reaction from the Peavy trade: writer Jay Jaffe sizes up his winners (including the Cubs) and losers from the trade period. The BoSox are listed as clear winners for getting Peavy, the White Sox are given props for Garcia (though fittingly in the losers section) . (The Strike Zone)’s Nick O’Malley says the trade bolsers an already confident Red Sox clubhouse (

And back in Chicago, the Tribune’s Phil Rogers gives GM Rick Hahn clear props in pulling the trigger on Peavy and getting something of substance back. (Chicago Tribune)

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