Size Em Up: Who’s Owning It Among Chicago Owners?

The wide-ranging D and Davis Sunday kept all of us (and hopefully you as well) entertained, but it did allow the gang to veer away from a potential main talking point in the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday feature on the four owners of the major Chicago sports teams.

That’s the problem with previews, sometimes they don’t hit the mark exactly, but hey, you can’t always plan good radio. Make sure you check in at Regal Radio’s page on to listen to all we did hit on (it was a lot).

That being said, check out the Trib piece if you can and vote on this little poll right here.

Actually, you don’t have to read the Trib link to vote, just vote regardless — it’s well known Chicago sports fans have long-held opinions on each of the ownership regimes.

Its not hard to imagine who would have the advantage out the gate (who owns the team with the only two world championships in the last four years in spite of their dear departed Papa Bill?), but it’d be nice to see if the two other established families of Chicago sports, or that upstart leading the North Side baseball franchise, can threaten an upset.

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