Preview: PED’s and Owning Up on D and Davis

In spite of the weekend chill, it is still July, not January, but this is a Wild Card Sunday on the D and Davis Show, live on Chicagoland Sports Radio.

D unfortunately won’t be in the building, but guest hosts Kyle Means and David Evans from Regal Radio and will be down to hold the fort with Ken Davis, as will Brian Mazique of Bleacher Report.

On the docket will be plenty of baseball talk, including the trade deadlines made so far and those that can still come from the Cubs and White Sox. Also, PED usage in Major League Baseball continues to be a big issue, catch the latest on that.

Plus, what’s up with the Bears during their first week in training camp and what’s the state of sports ownership in Chicago. The Tribune offered a wide-ranging take on that issue today and we’ll continue that important discussion.

All that, and of course, another wide open ratchet hour featuring Ken’s Top 5 and a look at Dave’s recent feature on the pioneering rock band Death.

Listen live at and follow the show on twitter @DanDavisShow, also check out re-airings at Regal Radio on and subscribe to the show on iTunes for all Regal programs on demand.

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