Makin’ Moves: Cubs dump Soriano, Hawks Re-up Coach Q

Yankees acquire Alfonso Soriano from Cubs

After a lot of momentum towards this development over the past couple days, the trigger was pulled officially on Alfonso Soriano’s return to the Bronx and Yankee pinstripes early Friday. In return, the Cubs get some minor league pitcher or whatever.

Soriano’s seven-year career on the North Side was filled with a lot of the same meandering and lost promise of many other would-be stars on that side of town but the Cubs part of the Soriano story will go down as a significant chapter and maybe his longest in one spot — he spent seven seasons here and only five (so far) with New York. Some in the Chicago media don’t even leave it at that, saying that Soriano is worthy of being missed, that certainly looks to be the case in the clubhouse.

A no-brainer for both sides, though, lets see if Alfie will regain some of his early-2000s swag in the Yankees continued pursuit of AL East supremacy.

On the other side of things, the Hawks announced a three-year contract extension for coach Joel Quenneville on Friday, giving Coach Q the open path to become only the third coach in Chicago sports to win three titles in town — George Halas and Phil Jackson are the other two. The Cubs’ Frank Chance is the only other Chicago coach to win multiple titles at all. Locking down Coach Q was even more of a no-brainer than the Cubs letting loose Soriano.

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