Regal Image of the Day: 90s Babies in the Building


There hasn’t been a Chicago rapper that has engendered more positive buzz this year than Chance The Rapper, who’s drugged-out and adventurous Acid Rap mixtape dropped with a wealth of buzz and good reviews in the spring.

The hype isn’t stopping anytime soon — the new hometown hero has a big show coming next week at Reggie’s Rock Club in the Chi’s South Loop that has seemingly been sold out since Acid Rap‘s April release and this cover for the magazine Dazed and Confused is another good example of the young MC’s momentum.

With that said, what makes this image and this issue stand out to me is the angle Dazed and Confused takes regarding ’93 and the ever-emerging impact that 90’s babies are making on hip-hop culture at this moment. 1993 can be looked at through that nostalga-filled, 20th anniversary lens now, of course, but it still makes it no less of a trip for a sub-30 year old (just barely) like myself to have a time in the past being looked back at with such a wide view and I remember that time vividly.

Just a year prior to ’93, I was eight and just beginning to memorize raps (“Today Was a Good Day” was probably the first from beginning to end), meanwhile ol’ Chance’s mom was just being inseminated, if not being still macked on by his pops. To make it deeper, one of my favorite current rappers, Joey Bada$$, wasn’t even close to being a spermatozoa in ’93 (born 01/20/95).

Not a big deal really, gotta have love for the young blood, especially if they come with skills… it’s just something to make you go “hmmmm” — of course people born in ’93 would have trouble with that “Arsenio Hall Show” reference, good thing he’s coming back this fall.

Back to how cold 1993 was for hip-hop, though: Complex Magazine calls November ’93 the best month ever in hip-hop and I’d be inclined to agree. In that month alone — Snoop’s Doggystyle, still his best and the first solo debut in rap to debut atop the charts; Tribe’s Midnight Marauders, maybe the best album-length example of true forward-thinking hip-hop to reach a wide mainstream audience and with Enter the Wu-Tang we all were welcomed to the 36 Chambers for the first time. The other 11 months didn’t slack either: what were you banging back then: KRS? Eightball & MJG? Scarface? Black Moon? Check out these lists of the best of ’93 and remember when it was all so simple then.

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