Regal Image of the Day: Oh, Shirt…


Jimmy Butler’s first couple of years in the NBA have been as low-key off the court as they have been encouraging on court, but the soon-to-be starting 2-guard for the Chicago Bulls ran into his first bit o’ controversy this week because of this pic and the shirt he has on it.

It’s hard to have any kind of profile in the world today and not have an image online that eventually comes up from the 36th Chamber to shadowbox you for a minute, this is just Jimmy’s time. You hope that its the only time.

That being said, this is pretty tame controversy-wise. I can only guess in regards to the depth of the uproar or backlash that resulted from people seeing Butler wear this Lil’ Wayne-influenced tee and I will continue to guess because I have no time to take in a column, post or even a tweet that rails against a freakin’ t-shirt (I actually like the design of the shirt too, though I’m not one for vulgar print on stuff I wear).

However-much shade Butler got for his shirt, it was enough to make him apologize, a move which I’m sure some will see as lame but I take it to be more of a representation of Butler’s true nature than the ugly mug in the pic does.

Also, love the “it just matched my shoes” part of the apology, I believe it entirely cause that’s how brothas really do dress, that’s what 85 percent of our dressing decisions come down to: does this stuff match my shoes. He couldn’t ride with the shirt but letting the public into that slight facet of hip-hop-influenced dress is a step forward for all of us.

And one more thing: this is yet another example of how it absolutely does not pay at all to be a Lil Wayne fan in 2013. Move on, people.

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