Regal Image of the Day: Sad, Sad Siohvaughn


D, of D and Davis, and I were talking about the latest chapter in the ever-confounding relationship between Dwayne Wade and his “special” ex-wife/baby mama/first love, Siohvaughn, who was doomed the moment D-Wade clinched a spot for Marquette in the Final Four.

In D’s words: “you know she crazy if the Judge didn’t side with her regarding the kids.”

Yes indeed, D. Yes indeed.

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2 responses to “Regal Image of the Day: Sad, Sad Siohvaughn

  1. Hahahahhahahah, sad trick. She and her family help take care of Dwade, we all know he had a troubled upbringing. I can remember seeing her around the time he was drafted and she was BUSTED! I mean a drought buster at best. Then he had success and cleaned her up, next thing you know she’s looking cute on ESPN’s First Take. Then Gabe came, Dwade came to I guess;-] Bye, Bye crazy Soihvaughn. She can’t deal with the fact that her NBA dream is over. She should be happy it happened, tons of baby mommas never become wives or get recognized. Take you doe now honey and relegate yourself to the shadows where you belong. Crazy ass trick.

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