Regal Image of the Day: Nate Luvs Da Kids


Nate Rob’s inventive way of showing love to the fans has gotten a good deal of attention this weekend. Nate’s good at getting attention but this summer has been some other ish for him in that regard.

Really, why hasn’t Nate been snapped up yet in free agency? CSN Chicago has been among the few to tackle that increasingly puzzling question. Meanwhile some rumors are surfacing regarding Nate joining the increasingly hodgepodge group in Denver.

Maybe Nate wasn’t as tempting a free agent pickup as we in Chicago were led to believe. Unfortunately, any level of sleeping on Nate being done by the rest of the League won’t likely increase his chances of being brought back by the cash-strapped Bulls.

That fact continues to be a shame because I really don’t think any player liked being a Bull last year more than Nate. It should be noted that he was rooting on some of his soon-to-be ex-teammates in Summer League competition while this picture was taken.

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