Regal Image of the Day: Evolution of the Sneaker


A great assortment of many of the best kicks ever made can be seen in this image.’s Extra Mustard blog offers a good breakdown of the image here.

Pop Chart Lab, which made the image, calls it plainly “the 134 greatest sneakers in human history.”

“We cobbled together an assortment that not only illustrates the evolution of shoe design and technological advancements, but that also represents some of the most sought after colorways/styles in sneaker history,” said Rachel Mansfield of Pop Chart Lab in a message to Extra Mustard’s C.W. Sesno.

Of course the image has been mass produced and should be recommended as wall dressing for all college dorms and bachelors who call themselves sneakerheads, though $32 price tag (without frame) is not the most inviting price you can cop here. If you still need another paycheck to cop just make it your desktop background like I did.

What’s your favorite tennis shoe on the poster? Does your all-time favorite make the cut at all? Chucks, Jordans, Yeezys — they’re all there and more.

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