Regal Image of the Day: Justice in Black and White


By Kyle Means, Regal Radio

This is the first of what I’ll try to make a daily feature on this site.

The origins of my idea for featuring a substantive or merely trending image born out of our daily online dallying to post here every day came from a less heavy place than where this image comes from, but given the news from this past weekend it was hard to think of anything else more timely, anything else that better represents this particular place and time and what we will remember when we think back on the whole unfortunate incident between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman and what its conclusion and its fall out means for our society and our nation as we once again try to make some sense of what exactly is justice in America and what the hell does it mean.

I’ll leave the polemical thinking out of this post because Regal Radio is not just me and I don’t want to assume that I’m speaking for anyone beyond myself, but if you do want some fire from yours truly, here you go. Otherwise, I’ll offer up some interesting links I’ve come across in the past couple days since the verdict became common knowledge.

Back to the silliness and triviality tomorrow, in the meantime stay peaceful, keep ya heads up and as D and Davis say, “keep ya hands to yaself.”

Instant reactions to the verdict on the ground from Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit (The Grio)

A fantastic pair of breakdowns by Jelani Cobb of the trial and what it really meant.  The latest includes an apropos use of the phrase “blood on the leaves,” unfortunately missing from Yeezus. (The New Yorker)

Progressive blogger extraordinaire Davey D delved into the media hype regarding riots leading up to the verdict announcement (which hasn’t come close to happening in the days since) and also shines light on the Black Youth Project, which met in Chicago over the weekend and issued an important statement in regards to the verdict (Hip Hop Corner)

The sports angle in regards to the verdict has been played up quite a bit, but what can’t be underplayed is the raw emotion that so many young black athletes in particular have displayed on social media since Saturday.  (ABC, The Grio)

And, unfortunately, another case emerges this week that echoes Martin and Zimmerman very much. The trial of 76 year old John H. Spooner is convening now in Milwaukee. Spooner shot dead 13 year old Darius Simmons last year while Simmons’ mother watched. Spooner confronted Simmons and alleged the boy stole guns from his home, leading up to the shooting. Opening statements began today. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Also, check out this past Sunday’s D and Davis, which among many other things, featured some takes on the verdict and the fallout. (Blog Talk Radio)

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