Preview: Catching up and Getting Into the Groove on D and Davis

Two weeks have passed since the last time D and Ken blessed the internet radio airwaves, but don’t worry Regal faithful, the dynamic duo is back on time and back on Chicagoland Sports Radio.

The holiday week kept things lively as ever with NBA Free Agency and the Bulls moves (or lack of) will be touched on as well as all the other moves that have had us buzzing. Also, plenty of catching up to do on the diamond as the Sox keep sliding and the Cubs show some signs of heart entering the All-Star break.

Regal Radio culture writer David Evans will make a special appearance as D and Ken branch out and talk about the summer season’s big rap album releases, including Jay’s new one, J. Cole’s latest and whatever Kanye did.

All that, plus the ratchet goodness of Ken’s Top 5, D’s Meatball of the Week and so much more.

Listen live at and follow the show on twitter @DanDavisShow, also check out re-airings at Regal Radio on and subscribe to the show on iTunes for all Regal programs on demand.

— Regal Radio

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