No Justice, Never Peace


There is no justice for Trayvon Martin and there is no justice for people like him.

That is the only message to be gained by George Zimmerman being classified “not guilty” for shooting Trayvon Martin dead in Sanford, Fla.

The so-called defense put up in Zimmerman’s name with his egotistical and shameless defense team and their probing Travon Martin‘s social media footprints and private conversations and their stupid joke in the opening statement and their stupid kids and their stupid instagram photos… the god-forsaken “stand your ground” law that will indeed ruin more lives in Florida (and likely elsewhere– how many more copy cat states will enact laws like it in the future? Especially with its upholding in this case)…the overall unprobing media visage put on this case… the legal shackles put on the state in prosecuting Zimmerman — all of it is just amazing to me, I’ve never heard of a case, a case in which we know the person tried shot someone dead, that was so stacked against the PROSECUTION legally, not the defendant (I don’t like playing with hypotheticals, but it doesn’t pain me at all to say “what if” Zimmerman was black and Martin was white…”what if” Zimmerman was black and Martin was anything else under the sun … you know damn well how this case would have played out and if you disagree you’re a damn fool).

To be a defeatist in regards to this case was a horrible thing for this author to come to grips with, but from the early days of this trial I knew George Zimmerman would not be convicted of anything here, it just was all a fucked-up show, a repeated spitting and pissing over the soul and legacy of a young man who didn’t do a damn thing to deserve his ultimate fate.

The number of detail-pouring this author did in regards to this trial is far short of the maximum. I’m not going to even act like a legal expert but I do know a fair amount about starting fights and what can happen when you start one you can’t handle, and that is so obviously what happened in regards to George Zimmerman — he picked a fight having done something he had no business doing and whether or not he spurred the first physical contact when he came in arms length of Trayvon Martin, he finished things on his terms, the deadliest terms. Even though Zimmerman can be seen as a weak, ineffectual man, it was never a fair fight from the moment he stepped out his vehicle. Not then, not now.

This was too viceral of an event for me to take in entirely, the details of the night were more than enough for me, the far from subtextual elements of race and race-based fear and hatred that emenated throughout this incident and this case, all that propelled the events of that night and everything else leading to Saturday night’s great disappointment… all of it is just too much for me, it should be too much for anyone who’s been targeted in part or in entirety because they were young, black or a man or some combination of those. The elements of helplessness and hopelessness that is the true reality for people of color in the American legal system…it’s all too much. And it never relents, it doesn’t matter when or where you see it at — in the Supreme Court, at some random BART station, in a depressed neighborhood in Chicago or during a rainy night in a Florida subdivision, all the Trayvon Martins of the world, you are a target, you have been from the day you were born until the day you die.

There’s no other way for this author to feel but insulted and eternally frustrated with how little value is given to the average black man in this society, especially the average young black man, so often seen as a societal problem in need of snuffing out before it gains some sort of actual autonomy, some sort of personal agency, any sort of knowledge of self.

There will be no such things for Trayvon Martin, not ever, and there are no such things for those who feel a psychic and spiritual connection to him, to those who know that they could at any time be one turn down the wrong block or one turn towards a hateful-ass person — a “creepy-ass cracka” as it were — from being erased from existence and done so merely because they represented a threat in some other person’s weak mind.

“They always get away,” don’t they, George? Except for when they don’t. But you wouldn’t know about that, would you?

Enjoy yourself next time you’re walking somewhere unsuredly with your head covered. Hopefully, and for your sake only, when you’re spotted by someone in that moment, and judged just as quickly, as is your fate now, you’ll be afforded a modicum of humanity that you’ve proven you don’t deserve, an amount that Trayvon Martin will never receive again.

Kyle Means

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