Blackhawks Proved to Be Better Team As They Reward Chicago Fans With Another Stanley Cup | Stanley Cup Final |

Blackhawks Proved to Be Better Team

A quick roundup of fringe news developing out of Day 1 of the Chicago Blackhawks’ reign as 2013 Stanley Cup Champions, leading with props from the Boston side of things from NESN hockey writer Mike Cole.

Much like in the NBA Finals, you get a feeling that there was more respect than animus from the teams themselves and the rooting circles around them, which is good to see, because given the way the teams chipped at each other by the series’ end, things could have gotten real ugly, real quickly, just ask Andrew Shaw.

Given that this is the end of another sporting season, this is a rightful time to look back on things. In the case of the Hawks, it helps to take a look all the way back to 2010 and the breaking off of much of the then-Cup champion team in the face of salary cap restraints. A tough transition followed (as did quick playoff exits in 2011 and 2012) but the Hawks front office didn’t lose composure or its vision in how it would get back to the Cup. The Sun-Times’ Mark Lazerus broke that whole process down around the beginning of the Finals series.

Chicago sports fans know that championships are not a given, that’s why we tend to party as we do when blessed with titles. All the local news stations kept their eyes trained on Wrigleyville last night, with scenes by Clark and Addison that looked like something that should be shot in World War Z 2. Not surprisingly, 23 got hauled off in the paddy wagon by the end of the night, as reported by the Sun-Times.

More and more unique stories of celebration should be coming down the line for a while, one of the best from earlier today is the scene at Hawks coach Joel Quennville’s house, which got TPd as if he was the crazy cat lady in the neighborhood on Halloween. That’s no way to treat a two-time Cup winning coach, ya’ll.

The Hawks’ Patrick Kane should get a more reserved, yet enthusiastic welcome on his first visit to “Late Night with David Letterman” tomorrow, as reported by CBS 2 Chicago. Think about the last time you saw a hockey player on a late-night show. Further proof that the Hawks and their young stars, many of whom are now two-time champions, have what it takes to help raise the profile of the NHL back to Gretzky and Lemieux-type heights.

Kane, the Conn Smythe Trophy winner for Playoff MVP, is the only the fourth U.S.-born recipient of that trophy.

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