You’re Not Gonna Like the Way You’re Canned, Zimmer: Ken’s Mid-Week Top 3

Image by Bleacher Report The question of the moment: who was that old-ass man in LeBron James' jersey in Game 6? He had game.

Image by Bleacher Report
The question of the moment: who was that old-ass man in LeBron James’ jersey in Game 6? He had game.

Fans of Regal Radio’s The D and Davis Show (Sundays at 12 noon on are certainly familiar with Ken’s Top 5 (cue D harmonizing), where the ratchet world outside sports runs head on into D and Davis’s turnt-up coverage of the games and players we love. Here’s Ken’s latest edition of the Mid-Week Top 3, giving all of you a head start on the fun and reminding all of you to tune in to another fresh 5 along with D’s Meatball of the Week and all the other goodness every Sunday with re-airings throughout the week on Regal Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

By Ken Davis, Regal Radio

3. You’re NOT going to like the way this looks
Did the Men’s Warehouse terminate George Zimmer, the perfectly coiffed spokesman and founder of Men’s Warehouse? Hell yea!
Zimmerman had issues with the MW board, stating in a statement to cable channel CNBC that “instead of fostering the kind of dialogue in the boardroom that has in part contributed to our success, the Board has inappropriately chosen to silence my concerns through termination as an executive officer.”
Wow, I grew up wanting to go to Men’s Warehouse and purchase a couple of suits and meet George the charmer and his beard. I’ve missed out!
The board of executives said they’re open to talking to Zimmerman about his ongoing relationship with the company, or in other words, beat it oldie. I wonder if they’ll get a new permanent spokesperson or just go without. A nice looking lady never hurts.
Well, George, I hope you have all the suits you need now cause that sweet discount you had is finito. Keep liking the way you look, bro!
2. Damn sinner
Outside of helping organize the Arab Spring, social media has contributed nothing but evil, straight up.

J Cole’s Born Sinner dropped yesterday in one of the bigger release days of the year (Yeezus and all that), and guess what one J Cole fan did to show his devotion to the NC rapper —  he posted a picture of himself on Twitter aiming a pistol at his little sister’s head, demanding that J Cole retweet him or sis gets it. Nothing wound up happening, except for the authorities opening an investigation on the social media hungry nitwit.

The 19-year-old is fully cooperating with the cops and he apologized to everyone, citing that the pistol was an unloaded BB gun and little sis was in on the prank also. These damn kids (a 19 year old, he should know better) are so damn stupid. What the hell did you think was going to happen after you posted a pic of a gun aimed at some little girl? Laughter, giggles, hi-fives, one lone clap? No, dumb ass, someone is going to call the cops. The boy’s mother made him delete his twitter.

Do you remember that fool from Chicago who posted the pic of his daughter duct taped up and posted it? Yeah, they locked him up. This kid need to do an Ochocinco bid, man, give him five days in the slammer. I’m sure they’ll find his humor funny in there.

1. So, Game 7 it is
I have mixed feelings about the NBA Finals ya’ll. One part of me loves to see excellence at its best — I grew up watching Mike (Jordan) so I have no problem rooting for Goliath unlike a lot of people. The other half of me, though, was thoroughly enjoying seeing Bron Bron seemingly come up short down the stretch Tuesday night against San Antonio; it was 2011 all over again.  I loved it, but when Lebron knocked down that 3-pointer after just missing one, I was happy for him also. The newly bare-headed Bron stood up….. a little.
You know your head isn’t totally in the game when you have to keep assessing if you need to put you headband back on to cover up that hair line or make a statement and play without it.
Think about it, Lebron has probably been waiting for this moment to be able to reveal his true, hair-challenged self with as little judgement as possible. Bron probably told himself, “one day, during a big game, I’m going to take it off and leave it off…,” his version of Kobe cutting the fro off, I guess.
That ish was supposed to be some kind of statement… Lord, these are the times we live in.
On another note, um, Tony Parker, do me a favor and never leave Jesus Shuttlesworth alone with the game on the line while he’s near the arc. Not him. As far as Bron and Jesus are concerned, just guard them; the rest of the Heat can’t step-up to that occasion, especially with Wade being hurt.
The Spurs could basically see their reflection in the Larry O’Brien trophy, right up until they put that bad boy back in the closet for another couple days. Damn, Spurs you had it. Knock down your free throws, and damn it, box out! Looking forward to Game 7, hope it meets or exceeds Game 6.
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