In Demonze’s Opinion: Man Of Steel

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By Demonze Spruiel-Rose, Regal Radio

Hello, fans of Regal Radio, comic books and unrestrained opinions — welcome to the first installment of “In Demonze’s Opinion.”

Man Of Steel, the new reboot of Superman’s origin for the big screen, has finally made it to your local theater after months of hype. I must warn you, I’m not the biggest movie buff, but I do love me some comic books and comic book-based movies. Here are my thoughts, opinions, breakdown and the possible Easter eggs I saw while watching the Man Of Steel. WARNING, if you haven’t seen the movie yet SPOILERS ARE CONTAINED.

Welcome to Planet Krypton

The story starts off on the planet Krypton — birth place of Kal-El (Clark Kent/Superman) — in full destruction mode. This is the first time we have ever seen Krypton in this state. Previously, we have read or either heard second hand from the “ghost” of Jor-El what happened to Krypton in its final days but in this movie we FINALLY get to see it.

One person who wants to save the planet, but not in the coolest of ways, is General Zod. Those familiar with Superman have seen Zod’s ways before — he comes in blasting and killing people left and right with his right hand girl, Faora-Ul, at his side. To make the planet-that-is-about-to-explode story short: Kal-El/Superman is born, Zod tries to take over Krypton, Zod and Jor-El fight, Lara Lor-Von (Kal-El mother) sends him to Earth, Zod kills Jor-El, Zod is stopped, sent to the Phantom Zone and BOOM Krypton is gone.

Oh, Jesus!!

One thing that is very different with director Zack Synder and writer David S. Goyer‘s version of Superman’s origin story is that it starts with Kal-El, (played by Henry Cavill) at the age of 33 and going by “Joe.” The former Clark Kent is wandering America helping people out in times of need, from saving men off a burning oil rig to a waitress being hounded by a rude truck driver. The whole thing seemed a little Jesus-ish to me. I must have heard the phrase “you are here to save the world” or something close to it a ton of times in the movie.

If I asked people to tell me about the story of a father sending his only son to Earth to help save the human race, I bet anyone would say, “dude, you’re talking about Superman right?”

There is even one scene in the movie where Clark is talking to a blind priest and there is a shot of a stained glass Jesus kneeing looking up to the sky seemingly looking for answers. Now if that’s not a clear fact that Clark and Jesus are one in the same, quite frankly you are blind, deaf and dumb!

Growing Up Clark

clark kentAs the movie progresses, we also get to see flashbacks of a young Clark growing up, trying to understand and at the same time hide his super powers.

Clark’s Earth parents Jonathan and Martha Kent, played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, certainly played a huge role in making Clark into the man and hero he’d grow to be in adulthood. Two scenes between young Clark and Jonathan really stuck out to me. First, when Clark saved a school bus full of kids Jonathan told Clark he had to hide who he really is, he even went as far as saying maybe Clark should have not saved the kids at all! Damn that’s cold John!

Second is when a tornado hits town while Clark and Jonathan are in a heated discussion while the family is driving on the highway. Jonathan helps people seek shelter while ordering Clark to get his mother out of harm’s way. As Jonathan is saving their family dog, Clark and Martha look on as the twister literally takes Jonathan away.

Now I know what you are thinking, Clark could have run at super speed, grab the dog and his pops in a blink of an eye. But no, Snyder and Goyer decided to have him watch his father die because Jonathan still didn’t think the world was ready for the real Clark to appear. I personally think that is what led Clark on the road of becoming a wandering savior. Damn, if your pops doesn’t even want you to save his life in front of people, its easy to see you becoming a man going around creating miracles on the low.

Hello, Lois Lane 

MAN OF STEELNow here comes by far the biggest and only real disagreement I had with the movie —  Lois Lane.

Lois, the feisty, award winning investigative reporter from the Daily Planet, is played by Amy Adams. In my opinion there are only two women who have really pulled off Ms. Lane, Margot Kidder and Erica Durance. Amy does a great job as Lois but the story line she has to work with leaves me, well, not that thrilled.

The biggest thing that jumps out to me is, how in the hell did she find out that the wandering man saving people was Clark! Somehow (SPOILER ALERT), the military finds an old Krypton spaceship inside 20,000 year old ice and its  Lois of all people who gets the scoop on it. While taking photos of the area, Lois happens to see Clark walking around, and guess what, he finds the ship and follows him in there (who didn’t see that coming…).

Lois finds out Clark is somehow connected to the ship and after Clark somehow puts the ship in drive, Lois is left behind and the search for the mystery man is on. No one has been able to find out who Clark is in his travels and in a matter of days, maybe weeks, Lois ends up at the Kent farm where Clark just lays out his past for her.

Now, I know Lois is a great reporter but GOOD LAWD she connected the dots fast, and with that the origin story of how Lois meets Clark is thrown out the window with rocks tied to its feet. Being a comic nerd, I don’t know how I feel about this. Yes, it can be cool to change things up in a classic story but it feels a little dirty here. Granted, the show Smallville changed the Lois and Clark story too but damn, Lois/Erica took at least a couple of seasons to figure out Clark!

Here Comes The Zod!!


After Clark up and moves the spaceship, meets his dead father Jor-El, finds his Superman suite and learns how to fly, a signal is sent out to General Zod (played brilliantly by Michael Shannon) and the dude makes one hell of a entrance.

It’s led to believe that Zod and his crew was banished to The Phantom Zone but with the destruction of Krypton, somehow they were freed from their supposed-eternal prison. The General does his best Joker impression from The Dark Knight in telling the people of Earth he wants one of his planet’s citizens back or all hell will break lose. Sound a lot like The Joker demanding The Batman to revel himself to Gotham City or else.

Of course Clark, now Superman, turns himself over so no one will get hurt (again, very Superman/Jesus of him). Before we dive into the Metropolis-destroying fight between Zod and Superman, let’s head back to the spaceship.

When Clark is walking through the ship, he comes across two pods that each housed a person of Krypton during its flight. Clark wipes the dust off of one of the pods and discovers the remains of one Kryptonian, but the other pod is open! Where is the other passenger? Remember we were told this spaceship came 20,000 years before. This, in my opinion, is for sure a HUGE Easter egg. This totally means there is another Kryptonian wandering around Earth. The question is who is it?!

Ok, back to Zod. So Zod comes out and says to hell with Earth, this is going to be the new Krypton. Of course, Superman and the USA Military (like they really could do anything with the indistructable aliens here) comes up with a plan to take down Zod. Then its back in forward with a series of mindless fighting and destruction until Zod plans are ruined with his neck being snapped by Superman! (#MERCY) Yea, comic book endings!!

Getting into my final thoughts of the film, I will say this: Man Of Steel has be one of the best visual comic book movies I have ever seen. The fight scenes look like what you would think beings with super speed and strength would look like bashing each other in the sky. To be blunt, it was like an eye-gasm for a comic book movie lover and I saw it in 3D, which has to be recommended.

Now during this long crazy battle between Zod and Superman, I found another Easter egg. Zod kicks an oil tanker towards Superman. Of course Superman was not hurt but the name on the oil tanker is a HUGE one in the Superman world. The name on the tanker is LexCorp and you should know who owns that company– LEX LUTHOR!!! Now there is no direct mention of Lex in this movie but seeing that Lex exists in this universe as the captain of industry we love and fear definitely means that Lex has to be the main or one of the main villains in Man Of Steel 2.

At the end of this Man of Steel, Clark tells his mother he has to get a job that keeps his ear to the street. At this point he finally puts on his famous glasses and ends up working at the Daily Planet. Good thing no one managed to see him kicking butt in hyper speed in those bifocals or someone would have to ask, “hey, ain’t you Superman?”

My Grade

Superman-new-1Man Of Steel is one of hell of a ride. From Krypton to Earth, the movie takes some unexpected turns but still gives you that good Superman feeling. I give Man Of Steel a solid B+.

Why not an A? Well, the downgrade comes from the changes made to the meeting of  Lois and Clark as well as the repetitiveness of the fight scenes, even though I LOVED the action in them! Also, there was no sign of the Fortress Of Solitude, only a slight mention. Maybe we will see it in the sequel.

So feel free to go out and enjoy this movie with someone or just by your damn self. Either way you will come out with a smile on your face, especially if you’ve been waiting for a true modern take on Superman. For more Easter egg info, check out We Got This Covered’s take on Easter eggs that could lead to more DC comic films.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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