2013 NBA Finals: As Scene Shifts Will Spurs or Heat Seize the Next Moment?

By Brandon Robinson, WARR Contributor

Where’s Eminem when you need him? May I have your attention please?

Will the REAL team in the NBA Finals please stand up?

Are the REAL San Antonio Spurs the team we watched in game 1 with Manu Ginobili’s 13 points, Tim Duncan’s 20 points and 14 rebounds? That team had Tony Parker’s 21 points and 6 assists and an acrobatic layup after multiple pivots, head fakes and defenders in his way and minimal space. The move was  so impressive that sources tell WARR that a New York City subway rat took notes for its next encounter with a glue trap. JUST KIDDING LIKE JASON! (And No Jason Kidd, who almost became a Spur 10 years ago will be the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.) That game shut Chris Bosh down offensively, and made the world forget Dwyane Wade existed.

Are the REAL Miami Heat the team we saw spank the Spurs 103-84 on Sunday? That team looked like the Heat that closed out the Oklahoma City Thunder last year with production from everybody. Mike Miller who’s seemed invisible had 9 points and was 3-3 from the 3 point distance. Ray Allen came off the bench and had 13 points of 3-5 shooting from long range. The Heat didn’t need LeBron James to be the dominant scorer that he had to be in the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite his 17 points 8 rebounds and 7 assists outing, he wasn’t even the high scorer for Miami. It was Mario Chalmers with 19 points. The Spurs beating was so bad, Spurs guard Tracy McGrady recorded an assist in his first appearance in the NBA Finals in garbage time. It’s quite awkward to utter that sentence.

Remember Apollo Creed’s Living in America intro with James Brown in Rocky 4? As he made his way toward the ring before getting in the ring Drago, he repeatedly said: “I Want you!”

Who WANTS game 3?

The team that wins tonight will win because they asserted themselves and set the tone. San Antonio often forces you to play their tempo in the halfcourt set on offense and with stingy defense on the other side of the floor. Miami gets teams out of their rhythm on the break. Both teams have a laid back approach and are well-coached. Additionally, both teams exhibit a sense of urgency after a loss.

In order for the San Antonio Spurs to win game 3: Tony Parker can’t play like he did in game 1. The All Star point guard was outperformed by Mario Chalmers in game 2. Tim Duncan must exploit Miami’s weakness in the interior. The Heat’s Udonis Haslem played Duncan well on D in game, Duncan needs another 20 and 10 type game.

In order for Miami to win: Chris Bosh has to play physical like he did in game 2 and Miami has to play as a team like they did in game 2. Dwyane Wade is hurt and he’s not making excuses for it. But Wade has to score more than 10 points for Miami to be productive—Mario Chalmers can’t overcompensate for a lack of Wade scoring production the whole series.

Prediction: San Antonio Spurs win game 3.

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