Instant Reaction: Hawks Survive in Game 7

Regal Radio

Maybe it needed to happen this way, with the coming behind from 3-1 in the series, the robbing of Niklas Hjlamarsson’s potential game-winner and the sudden emergence of Brent Seabrook across the blue line and the wobbly slapper he got just over Jimmy Howard’s big glove, which at times this series looked like it it covered the net all by itself.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ comeback series win over the Detroit Red Wings — punctuated by the 2-1 overtime victory Wednesday in front of as rabid a United Center crowd as there’s been in a long time — creates the opening for the Hawks’ season to go into legendary territory. If they can continue and close things out by lifting Lord Stanley’s Cup then everyone will point to what happened Wednesday as the moment when we all knew it was meant to be.

For Twitter it was a surprising uprising of hockey content trending on the site during and around the game’s climactic moments. Two hockey teams that at least stand a chance to awaken people’s attention from outside the sport did their job right and they set up what could be a very strong conference finals stretch featuring the last four Cup winners — the Hawks, LA Kings, Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins — all big city teams with long-held winning traditions. Time to Commit to the Indian for real, Hawks fans, the real competition has just begun.

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