2013 NBA Playoffs: Bulls/Heat Game 5, Instant Reaction

By Kyle Means, Regal Radio

You damn right, tape does a lot of things, Dwayne Wade. That tape must have had some creamy white stuff on it.

I facetiously make the accusation that performance enhancers helped Wade make that dunk and the other plays which helped shift momentum back to Miami during their series-clinching fourth-quarter run Wednesday night. By the way, there was also this:

Cole began it and Wade ended it for me, practicing the type of high-octane offense that the Heat, once they get off against anyone, knows allows them to win. There was no way a tired Bulls team working a about a six or seven-player rotation could compete by that point.

The bravehearted Bulls managed to show who they really were once again in this game though, coming back from 18 down in the first half and managing to control the third quarter in its entirety and a chunk of the fourth. Just as Wade resurrected in the fourth, so did Rip Hamilton for much of the game prior.

Who was that Masked Man? Damned if I know, he wasn’t here for the past two years, I know that.

And as hard as it is going to be for most of us to admit it, Carlos Boozer had an all-star level season for the Bulls this year and he finished it with 26 points and 14 rebounds in this game. Wow. If he could only work like this with Rose to free up space for him on the weak-sides of defenses (and if only he could not play like he’s about to enter a double-dutch rope while a guy six inches shorter than him drives the lane, see Cole dunk).

Rip and Booz, Nos. 1 and 2 on the Bulls roster when it comes to guys we don’t want to see back next year and they were the last line of defense. Such has been the Bulls 2012-13 season. Good show, but good riddance.

To follow, the best from the Twitterverse during the game, including takes on Craig Sager’s encounter with the Smiths, LeBron’s dramatics (the FABULOUS DRAMATICS! (c) Ricky Harris), Wade’s heroics, final salutes to the Bulls and more and more Rose clowning. Hope he can extend his social media strike through the summer.

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