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How Bad Was Last Night’s Bulls Game?

Nothing left to add to this beyond what and Jonathan Messinger outlined so well here — the Bulls stank last night, a type of hitting bottom that only alcoholics could identify with.

Who knows what it could have been? Some sort of exhaustion mix (mental and physical), maybe the weight of simply overcoming the odds finally became too much and weighed down on each pair of arms and shoulders the team used to carry the hopes of Chicago basketball fans as well as the unused physical presences of their injured, supposedly injured (guess) and sick. In Nate Robinson, it could have been all that and more.

Even though this series will likely play out like the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, with a Bulls win followed up by four straight Heat wins, this series, unlike the previous one, will seem to have lacked even the “we’re only one piece away”-style of encouragement from ’11.

I’ll have more later on how the Bulls betrayed themselves and ruined whatever small chances they had to make a monumental upset. In the meantime, just revel in the bad shooting. #Holdat? More like #Passdat.

— Kyle Means, Regal Radio

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