2013 NBA Playoffs: Best of Twitter from Bulls/Heat Game 1

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The great San Antonio/Golden State series opener stole the night away from the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat, who set things off in their Game 1 in Miami early Monday night, but you all saw what it took to make that happen — two OTs, 44 from the best shooter in the League, a potential game-winner from a Warrior I really never heard of prior to Monday and Manu, Manu and mo’ Manu.

As for the Bulls effort in their shocking win — done without Luol and Kirk and without anyone’s confidence outside of their own — that was simply another gut-check, which the Bulls really seem to do better than any team in the league.

A 10-0 run to end the game in Miami, Nate’s busted lip, Jimmy Butler’s grit (enough to put some grime on the King’s 4th coronation) and Joakim Noah’s unending reservoir of “screw the Heat, the Bulls got sumthin to say”… we know what one team in that series is made of, now its time for the champs to prove themselves — a scary proposition, surely, but the Bulls don’t scare easy, if at all. After Monday’s game, everyone knows that now.

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