Will The Big Ten Get Skunked In The First Round Of The 2013 NFL Draft? | ChicagoSide

Will The Big Ten Get Skunked In The First Round Of The 2013 NFL Draft? 

You want a prime example of how much the Big Ten’s football has fallen off in quality? Eli Kaberon of Chicagosidesports.com provides it here.

The shameful thing is that as a revenue producer and eyeball drawer, the league is as B1G as ever, with the cash flow steady coming from its network and the large TV markets of Maryland (D.C.) and Rutgers (NYC tri-state area) coming on board with more well-to-do cable subscribers attached and ready to see their teams falter in conference play.

Talent-wise, what do schools like this really bring to the conference that the teams already there aren’t already struggling to do themselves?

I’m not looking it up, but on memory alone I can tell you that neither the Terps or Scarlet Nights have been repped well in the top-10 of the NFL draft either since 2008, which was the last time the B1G had a former player drafted that high.

That streak will continue into 2014, meanwhile the MAC (Eric Fisher, Central Michigan), the dreadful Big East (Ryan Nassib, Syracuse) and past-its-prime independent BYU (Ziggy Ansah) are all likely to have alumns stepping to the podium early tonight.

The draft will never not be fun, but if you’re in Big Ten country there really isn’t much to be proud of right about now.

— Kyle Means, Regal Radio

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