We Got 5 on It: NFL Draft Q & A w/ Full Scale Sports’ Corey Carmona

WARR is receiving special NFL Draft coverage (1st Round- Thursday, 7 pm) from Corey Carmona, Director of NCAA Football for Full Scale Sports. Earlier this week, Corey ran his final mock of the 2013 1st Round here. Now Corey speaks candily on some of the top issues in the draft with WARR online editor Kyle Means. You can catch more of Corey’s inexhaustible draft coverage on fullscalesports.com.

By Kyle Means, Regal Radio 

1. We Are Regal Radio: This hasn’t been a draft heavy on star power, not even at the top of the board, so there isn’t an obvious storyline heading into Thursday. What do you think will be the overall storyline of this year’s draft?

Corey Carmona: In my opinion, the biggest story of this draft could potentially be no quarterbacks or running backs going in the 1st round. With the trend of GM’s not wanting to spend a first round on a back, we may even see the best back in this draft (ed. note- NFL.com has North Carolina’s Giovani Bernard as its top running back) still on the board mid-2nd round. By the same token, if Geno Smith doesn’t go somewhere in the top 10, we could see the first draft in a long time without a quarterback going in the first round.

2. WARR: You have Luke Joeckel going first overall, is he the top overall talent in this draft as well?

Carmona: No, I have Dion Jordan or Chance Warmack rated as my top prospects in this years draft. Joeckel goes number one because the Chiefs need a left tackle. Jordan is what I call a elephant defensive end, he can do it all; he excels with his hand in the ground like a 4-3 end, standing up as a edge rusher or dropping back in coverage. I think when we look back on this draft we’ll wonder why didn’t the Chiefs take Jordan.

3. WARR: What is your take on the Ezekiel Ansah phenomenon? People are saying they’ve never seen a rise like his up the board.

Carmona: I’ve never been an advocate of drafting guys in the top 10 on potential. With Ansah he’s so raw that if it was me I wouldn’t take him in the top 10. He does have raw athleticism that has scouts thinking of Jason Pierre-Paul, but I don’t see JPP in him.

Ansah’s biggest problem is he stands straight up when the ball is snapped, he needs work on his moves and run defense. I think he’ll have to be brought along slow like (San Francisco OLB) Aldon Smith, use him in pass rushing situations until he can develop into a run stuffer. In my opinion, I have Dion Jordan and Jarvis Jones rated ahead of him, but Ansah has all of the tools to be an elite pass rusher. I have seen guys rise up the boards like this –  think about Dontari Poe from last year.


Some of the fast risers in this year’s draft – Ziggy Ansah, Datone Jones and Barkevious Mingo

4. WARR: You have the Bears taking Georgia’s Alec Ogletree in Round 1- what do you think are the chances that they’ll go in another direction, including taking T’eo or even trading down?

Carmona: I could see the Bears grabbing Te’o in the first. I don’t see the Bears trading down, they can get their inside linebacker right there at 20. In previous mocks I’ve had them going tight end but with signing (Martellus) Bennett they could sit at 20 and grab the best player available.

5. WARR: Lastly, tell our readers a little bit about your background. How does one become a draft expert and what makes you so into this process year after year?

Carmona: My love for sports goes way back to my childhood, I’ve been sitting in front of a TV watching college and pro football since the age of four.

I grew up in New York, the Bronx to be specific, so I grew up a Yankees, Knicks and Jets fan. My father has always been a Cowboys fan so I was born into Cowboys Nation, I fell in love with my first football team when I was just five years old, watching the Miami Hurricanes, and have been a die-hard fan ever since. The way I started writing isn’t the conventional way, I started with my own blog that I created writing and promoting on my own because sports is my passion. With anything you do, if you’re good you’ll get noticed and I’m guessing that’s what happened with me.

I watch a lot of film on these prospects, I probably watch more college football than most and that allows me to watch these guys grow from their freshmen year through their junior or senior seasons. Also I don’t go by ESPN rankings, I do my own research, watch film on my own and come up with my own evaluations. You have to be dedicated to anything you do, especially if you want to be successful at it, I work hard at my craft to try & become the best I can be. I love the NFL draft, even before I started writing I’ve always been a guy that watches every second of every round. Like I said earlier, I watch a lot of college football, so I like to see where these guys land.

Follow Corey on Twitter @SportsJunkyy and Full Scale Sports @FullScaleSport


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